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|imagewidth = 183
|imagewidth = 183
|episodeno = 2
|episodeno = 2
|prevepisode = [[Pig Bang]]
|prevepisode = {{Space Episodes|Pig Bang}}
|nxtepisode = [[Fry Me to the Moon]]
|nxtepisode = {{Space Episodes|Fry Me to the Moon}}
|games = [[Angry Birds Space]]
|games = {{Games|Angry Birds Space}}
|release = March 22, 2012
|release = March 22, 2012
|levels = 34
|levels = 34

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Template:Infobox episode Cold Cuts is the second episode in Angry Birds Space and consists of 34 levels. This episode introduces the Ice Bird and Terence. It also introduces a very large pig that is larger than all of the Bad Piggies, though he only appears as an actual enemy in the bonus levels.

Cold Cuts takes place mainly on ice planets, along with a few planets from Pig Bang and the background is a lighter blue than Pig Bang, has ice crystals and swirly clouds. Crystal mushrooms can be found in Cold Cuts, rewarding the player 3000 points. Cold Cuts could be the episode that takes place in the Ice Bird's homeworld.


Before episode: The Birds arrive in an ice galaxy, just in time to witness the Ice Bird get captured in a bubble by the Space King.

After eoisode: The Birds defeat the Space King, and retrieve the Eggsteroid.

New things

Ice Bird (Ice bird): Freeze everything into ice.

Terence (Big green bird): Can make pigs scared and they jump. Causes great destruction.

Icy asteroids (Icy asteroids): Can break into 3 smaller icy asteroids.

Snow (Space Snow): Part of fortress.


Cold Cuts contains 30 levels and 4 bonus levels. Some levels are very easy but some can be tricky. Some levels are hard such as level 2-2, 2-5, 2-13 and 2-29. There are one very hard level: 2-23.



See more information at Cold Cuts 2-30 (Angry Birds Space) The boss of this episode is again the King Pig, this time in the UFO he used to escape with in Pig Bang.


  1. Level 2-13
  2. Level 2-25
  3. Level 2-28


  • The title is a reference to cold cut meats in relation to pigs.
  • In level 2-20 , the Fat Pig appears, frozen.
  • The Fat Pig also appears in the ice behind the score and total stars screen. (As seen in the photo above).
  • Touching the pigs in bubbles on the main screen and level selection screens will pop the bubbles, freezing the pig inside. In the main screen, you can touch it again to pop the frozen pig.
  • The Fat Pig is also found in some of the bonus levels of Cold Cuts. This is the first time to see the Fat Pig as an enemy in Angry Birds Space.



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