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Cold Cuts 2-21 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Cold Cuts banner
Level Number 51
Birds Sequence Ice birdLazer birdBlue birds
No. of Pigs Teamster: x4 Teamster: x1 Wonk: x1
3-star Score Template:Threestars
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Cold Cuts 2-20 Cold Cuts 2-22

Cold Cuts 2-21 is the 21st level of Cold Cuts.


The birds and fortress are very confusing for some.


For Cold Cuts 2-21, send the Ice bird up and into the first large pig sitting exposed on the top left part of the structure. Now send Lazer up and over the structure, targeting the mushroom on the back side. Breaking through the wood should bring everything crumbling down.


File:Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts Level 2-21 3-Star Walkthrough
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