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Cold Cuts 2-22 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Cold Cuts banner
Level Number 52
Birds Sequence Firebomb BirdFirebomb BirdLazer bird
No. of Pigs Teamster: x2 Teamster: x3
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 103,000 points
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Cold Cuts 2-21 Cold Cuts 2-23

Cold Cuts 2-22 is the 22nd of Cold Cuts.


It's not hard to use one bird to pop all pigs.


For Cold Cuts 2-22,send the Black bird directly toward the first baby pig. Detonate the explosion above the cluster of asteroids to send the whole structure plummeting to the planet’s surface.



File:Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts Level 2-22 3-Star Walkthrough
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