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Cold Cuts 2-29 is the twenty-ninth level of Cold Cuts in Angry Birds Space.


This level is one of the harder one. To pass this level, you should pop all pigs with two Black Bird and one Terence. Because of the awkward-shaped fortress, it make level much harder.


For Cold Cuts 2-29, fire the bomb bird up above the first planetoid (aiming for the glass beam that’s at at about a 35 degree angle). Gravity will suck the bomb bird down towards the planetoid and his detonation will send debris down towards the other two planets. With a little luck the the TNT will float down towards the right planetoid taking out most of the pigs. Then fire the second bomb bird at the first planetoid to take out the remaining pigs.

Video Walkthrough

File:Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts Level 2-29 3-Star Walkthrough
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