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Reality World Mirror World Space Eagle Versions

Cold Cuts 2-3 is the 3rd level of Cold Cuts in Angry Birds Space.


To pass this level with 3 stars, you should pop all pigs and reach 54,000 points. You can get 3 stars with one or two birds. If you complete with one bird, it's guarantee three stars. 

Total: 3 birds and 3 pigs. 


One strategy for Cold Cuts level 2-3 is to send the Bomb bird just below the very first asteroid, pushing it up and to the left. If done right it should be a 1-birder. 


  • In first time you play, you can pop the bubble which caged Ice Bird to free him. In fact, doing so is required to pass the level; if the player runs out of birds, the level is failed, even if all the pigs are popped.
  • This level is similar to Danger Above 6-4 from the original game. Both Hal and Ice Bird were imprisoned by the Pigs and were then playable in the very next level.




Angry Birds Space Cold Cuts 2-3 Walkthrough 3-star

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