Collaborations are small partnerships that Rovio did with Angry Birds, they are listed below: 


Puzzle vs. Dragons

Chuck In Puzzles And Dragons

Chuck in Puzzles vs. Dragons.

The birds appear in the game as unlockable characters, it played the same way as the normal Puzzles vs Dragons games but with Angry Birds characters, such as Red, Chuck ,The Blues , Bomb, Matilda, HalTerence, Wingman and much other. They were playable for a limited time and came along with levels from the games.

Sonic Dash

Red, Chuck and Bomb were available as unlockable characters, they wore their class accessories from Angry Birds Epic, they could run across the levels just like any character can, but they have their own boost, if they were unlocked within the event, they would be unlocked and playable forever.

LINE Rangers

Red  and Chuck were playable characters in the Angry Birds event, King Pig would appear as a boss.

AFTERLOST (Shōmetsu Toshi)

Costumes of Red and Chuck could be unlocked for the playable characters. Some characters appeared as playable ones with new powers.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Various accessories of the birds and pigs can be obtained at the event, the birds could also be trown into structures with pigs.


Hot Wheels


Hot Wheels launched two character cars: Red and a pig. Red has a pointy tail while the pig one has a smoke pipe set. There's also a road that was released, which contained the Red car, a straight path and Glass, Wooden and Stone arches with an image of Foreman Pig , Corporal Pig and King Pig, respectively.

The person had to topple down the pigs  and reach the end, the toy had a launcher


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Friction Red.

Lacta made a partnership with Angry Birds various times, selling chocolate eggs. In South America, chocolate Easter eggs were sold in Easter (2012, 2013 and 2014), which contained a prize, the prizes of the first partnership was a large plush of Red , the second was a plush of Red, Chuck and a pig , and the last one was with a bowling game that contained a friction Red and 3 pigs.

Other easter eggs also contained a mug of Red.


Main article: Fini Angry Birds Candies

Aside from the candies, the company also made three water squirters: Red , Chuck and a Pig, that could be obtained in a promotion or pack.

A Bathing Ape

T-Shirts were made in the style of the ape, along with the ape itself appearing on them.

Other Collaborations


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Asian Challenge Site

The Angry Birds Asian Challenge was a competition held by Finnair, a Finnish airline. Contestants would submit an application explaining why they were the biggest Angry Birds fans. The top 8 winners won a ride on a customized Airbus A340 plane that was decorated with Angry Birds images.

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