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Cordon Bleugh! is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on April 28, 2013.

Name origin

This episode is a pun of on a food, "Cordon Bleu" that is nothing related to Matilda's soup. 

Cordon Bleu is also the name for species of blue birds, which the the Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu extremely similar in appearance to The Blues.

Toons.TV Description

Will any of the birds pluck up the courage to tell Matilda what they really think of her culinary skills?



The episode begins with Matilda stirring her disgusting meal and getting it ready to be served. Near the eggs, two Minion Pigs and Corporal Pig are climbing up the cliff to steal them. Meanwhile, Red, Chuck, and Jay, Jake, and Jim are ready to eat their meal. First, Matilda serves Red the stew, who was enthusiastic about his meal and proceeds to have a few mouthful of it. He was briefly satisfied but then with a disgusted look, burped out a toxic gas, killing an unfortunate fly.

The other birds, shocked with what they saw,  become incredibly tense while waiting for their meal. Chuck is served next, and he panicks when Matilda pours the stew into his bowl. He smells it, and gives a begging look at Matilda. However, she did not understand what Chuck meant, simply smiling and headed back to the cauldron. Chuck swiftly rushed out of the table with the bowl, and poured the stew into a nearby tree. This caused the tree to immediately die and turn grey. A Minion Pig manages to come up to the edge, and is about to steal the eggs, but the dead tree falls on him and knocks him down the cliff.

Finally, Jay, Jake, and Jim had the bowl of stew for all of them as Matilda poured it in. They all look disgusted and with each of them passing the bowl to each other in desperation until it ended back with Jay. He gets briefly annoyed before coming up with a plan; slingshotting the bowl away from the area with the slingshot. The bowl hits a pile of rocks, causing a chain reaction before launching a rock off a see-saw looking rock formation. The rock ends up smashing the next minion pig who managed to get near the eggs before rolling down the cliff with him.  Corporal Pig  hurriedly goes up the cliff edge.

When Matilda realizes that the Blues had no bowl, she briefly looks suspicious before passing another one over to them.  When Matilda notices that none of the birds want her distasting delicacy, it causes her to become extremely upset, as her beak twitched, causing her to get very ferocious, which was only made worse with the sudden storm clouds. She glares at the birds for not wanting to eat what she served. This made the rest of all the birds get so frightened, that they end up running away from the area.

However, she suddenly became sad that no one wanted to eat what she served, and pushes the rest of her stew down the cliff. At this point, Corporal Pig has reached the eggs, but quickly backs away as he saw the cauldron and then hid on the edge hanging onto his plunger. Matilda pours the stew down onto him, causing him to slip, and fall to the bottom. When she saw what happened, she was briefly enraged to see the pigs trying to steal the eggs. However, she was soon pleased with the pigs for happily eating her stew, since she knew that there was someone who did like what she made. She proceeded to go back to the birds and push the cauldron off the cliff. They briefly stopped when they became trapped in the cauldron, but continued eating.

In the credits, the pigs could still be heard merrily eating the stew and burping.




  • The ingredients seen popping out of Matilda's soup were ladybugs, an eaten apple, fish bones, a snail, caterpillars, and old bits of cheese.
  • When Red was disgusted from the food, the violin shrieks sound effect from Psycho Play can be heard.
  • This is the first episode to show the birds and pigs together, although Egg Sounds shows an imaginary pig.
  • King Pig seems to be eating the exact same type of soup that Matilda made in Where's My Crown?.
  • This episode was co directed by Chris Sadler making him the first crew member to direct an episode other than Kim Helminen, which also makes it the first episode with two directors.
  • It seems like Corporal Pig was waiting for the other pigs to climb the cliff, because when the pigs fell down, he was seen at the same position as before.
  • The character design started to change from this episode. At some points in the episode, The characters have more cartoonish looks, but not as much as a drastic change as Dopeys on a Rope and Gardening with Terence.
  • At the end of the episode, Corporal Pig's helmet changes colour from white to black, mostly due to the food that was poured on him. This colour change remains permanent, as seen in Thunder Chuck .
  • If you listen closely when Matilda was about to give The Blues another soup, you can hear that she says "Want some?".
  • The two Minion Pigs fall down the cliff just like how Wile E. Coyote would, complete with a similar bird's-eye view and puff of dust when they land.


  • At 0:51, when Chuck runs away to the tree, Matilda is missing one of her head feathers.
  • In the credits, Corporal Pig isn't listed in, but although he was in the episode.
  • In the YouTube release of the episode, the title says Gordon Bleugh! when it's Cordon Bleugh!.
  • The dead fly is not there when the camera shows Red his thoughts on the soup. It may have just been blown away.


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Um.... Maybe this isn't dinner for all of us.

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