Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfobox Cordon Bleugh! is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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Will any of the birds pluck up the courage to tell Matilda what they really think of her culinary skills?


The episode starts with Matilda stirring her unpleasant looking stew (sometimes mistaken as a soup) over the fire unlike in the title card where it looks delicious, with the eggs near a cliff edge. Beneath the edge, the Minion Pigs climb up the face with plungers, with Corporal Pig in front. The rest of the birds seem to be having dinner, all excited to eat. When Matilda finally comes down to serving, she brings a ladle of stew over to Red first. He brings out his bowl enthusiastically and Matilda pours it in. When Red takes a few mouthfuls of food, he briefly looks satisfied at first, but then looks greatly disgusted. Then, he burps out a toxic gas. A fly passes through the gas, however, in mid-flight, it stops and passes out, indicated by a cough of green fog shaped as a skull. This greatly disgusts Red, and he wrinkles his nose at the stew.

The other birds, shocked with what they saw, and now became incredibly tense while waiting for their meal. Chuck is served next, and he screams when Matilda pours the stew into his bowl. He smells it, and gives a begging look at Matilda, but she does not understand what Chuck means. She simply smiles and headed back to the cauldron. Chuck swiftly rushes out of the table with the bowl, and pours the stew into a nearby tree. This causes the tree to immediately turn grey, have its leaves turn brown and fall in a pile, and creates fissures in the trunk. A Minion Pig manages to come up to the edge, and is about to steal the eggs, but the dead tree knocks the pig back down the cliff, and they both end up falling to the bottom. This gives both remaining pigs motivation for this reason.

Finally, The Blues have a bowl of stew for all of them as Matilda pours it in, and pushes it to Jay. They all look disgusted and with Jay passing it to Jake. Jake exclaims in alarm and pushes it to Jim, which ended up having the bowl being passed around before ending up with Jay, who gives a look of brief anger, before smiling and sending the bowl away by using the slingshot before running back to the table. This causes a rock to fall on another, making a chain reaction until the largest one hits a 'see-saw' looking rock, with another rock at the end. This sends the rock flying, onto the next pig who manages to get up and spots the eggs, but is simply squished, and rolls along the cliff and joins the other pig at the bottom. Finally Corporal Pig has a look of determination, and hurriedly goes up the cliff edge.

When Matilda realizes that the Blues have no bowl, she briefly looked suspicious before she passes another one over to them, but they shake their heads and Jay pushes it back. She looks confused. She looks at Chuck, who tries to look innocent but his smile drops to a frown. Finally, Matilda looks at Red with an upset face and he pushes back his bowl too. This causes Matilda to become extremely upset, as her beak twitches. Unfortunately, this causes her to become extremely angry by looking at the Blues with a scary, angry face, making the Blues scream and back away. Storm clouds roll in at the same time, and she angrily growls loudly. This makes the birds scream and run away in fear, however, she stops growling and suddenly becomes sad and quiet, sheds a single tear, and her lip quivers. Then she starts to push the remaining stew down the cliff. AT this point, Corporal Pig reaches the eggs, but quickly backs away as he sees the cauldron, and then hides on the edge hanging onto his plunger. Matilda pours the stew down, but this makes Corporal Pig slip, and fall to the bottom. When she sees this, she is briefly enraged to see the pigs trying to steal the eggs. But Corporal Pig tries some stew, and merrily eats it, and the other pigs join in too. She looks satisfied, and struts back to the birds and knocks the cauldron over the scoffing pigs. They briefly stop when they are trapped in the cauldron, but continue eating.

The sound of distorted eating and laughter can be heard in the credits.

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  • The ingredients seen popping out of Matilda's soup are ladybugs, an eaten apple, fish bones, a snail, caterpillars, and old bits of cheese.
  • When Red is disgusted from the food, the violin shrieks sound effect from Psycho Play can be heard.
  • This is the first episode to show the birds and pigs together, although Egg Sounds shows an imaginary pig.
  • King Pig seems to be eating the exact same type of soup that Matilda makes in Where's My Crown?.
  • This episode is co directed by Chris Sadler making him the first crew member to direct an episode other than Kim Helminen.
  • This is the first episode where Matilda caused a thunderstorm when she gets very angry
  • It seems like Corporal Pig was waiting for the other pigs to climb the cliff, because when the pigs fall down, he is seen at the same position as before.
  • The character design starts to change from this episode. At some points in the episode, The characters have more cartoonish looks, but not as much as a drastic change as Dopeys on a Rope and Gardening with Terence.
  • This episode is a pun of food, "Cordon Bleu".
  • This is the first episode where the eggs are seen.
  • This is the first episode where someone sheds tears.

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