Corporal Pig

Helmet Corporal

Helmet classic




PoliceCorporal Pig

AB2 HelmetPig

ABMovie Corporal Pig

Abilities Having extra protection, explodes (in King Pig Mode)
3 Defensive Helmets (in Angry Birds Go!)
First Appearance Theme 1-21
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Many
Strength Normal-Medium
Size Medium

Large (Angry Birds Toons)

    Corporal Pig (also known as Helmet Pig or General Pig) (as in Angry Birds Toons revealed in the end credits of "Where's My Crown?") is a Medium Pig and the secondary antagonist in Rovio's Angry Birds. who wears a stone (or maybe metal in new design) helmet for stronger defense. It is the third strongest pig variety in the game, and serves as the chief enemy in the first set of levels in each theme. It also serves as a protector to King Pig. Corporal Pigs are very much alike to Foreman Pigs in game ways, not actual looks but in strength. They have bosses: Herr Helmet (Poached Eggs), Hovering Helmet (Danger Above), Hardhat Hidalgo (The Big Setup), Billy the Pig (Ham 'Em High) and Cave Explorer (Mine and Dine). The Corporal Pig first appeared in Poached Eggs Theme 1-21.

Birdsonality Test Description

«The Corporal Pig is a headstrong. He is outspoken, confident and practical. He like stability and tradition — if it isn't broken, why fix it? He wears his heart on his sleeve and enjoys being in charge».


  • One shouldn't overestimate the power of the Corporal Pig's helmet. Even though the helmet is stone, it is weak. Red can defeat a Corporal Pig in just one hit.
    • Using a Blue Bird also works, but one should make sure to split the bird before making contact.
  • Any bird can kill the Corporal Pig. However, a single Blue Bird will not work as effectively.
  • Wood that falls on him can pop him, but it requires more wood. Stone structures that fall on him can pop him instantly. One block that shouldn't be used is ice. Ice is weak, and will not work on Corporal Pigs.


  • Corporal Pig and Postman Pig are the only pigs that don't display their ears. Although in Angry Birds Friends, Postman Pig shows one of his ears.
  • Along with the other Pigs, the design for Corporal Pig has changed in the Angry Birds Chrome Beta. They have shinier helmets with buckles on them. In animations nowadays, he sometimes uses his buckle to hold a Ace of Spades card on his helmet. This trait means that, maybe canonically, there is only one real Corporal Pig, meaning the rest of the Corporals in Season 2 episode animations (see Angry Birds Seasons) would just be average pigs in reality. This is also used by soldiers as the A.O.S. is "The Death Card". However, Corporal Pig and all the other pigs try to avoid hostility towards the birds, and try to do things that are not related to war.
    • In the Chrome version, the Corporal Pig's helmet may be made of metal, as the helmets are shiny and can be dented.
  • The Corporal Pig plush is the only Pig that is all beat up and in its corpse.
  • In new animations, like Wreck the Halls and Ham'o'ween, the belts can be seen wrapped around the helmets of the Corporal Pigs.
  • As shown in the Ham'o'ween and Wreck the Halls animations, the Corporal Pigs hold giant butter-knives and forks. It is possible that these giant pieces of silverware and kitchen utensils are weapons of choice for the Corporal Pigs in the animations.
    • The Corporal Pig also holds chopsticks in the Year of the Dragon animation. It's a possibility that it is a weapon of choice for the Corporal Pigs in China because the Corporal Pig used them to make the audience of Bad Piggies applause during the puppet show.
  • In the Year of the Dragon animation, the helmet of the Corporal Pig is different. It has a different shape, gold bearing at the bottom, no buckle, and a feather on top of the helmet.
  • One of the Corporal Pigs appears as a teacher in the "Meet the Pink Bird" animation. He reveals in his plan written on his chalkboard that after he gives King Pig the eggs, King Pig gives him a medal for succeeding his plan. Because when the pigs are shown injured, and Corporal has the Spades card as mentioned above, it can only be the REAL Corporal Pig (also mentioned above).
  • In the Angry Birds Toons "Where's My Crown?", in the cast section of the episode's end credits, the Corporal Pig is named the "Corporal Pig". It was revealed again in the end credits for "Another Birthday". This could mean that for every end credits in an Angry Birds Toons episode that features the Corporal Pig, the Corporal Pig will always be credited as the Corporal Pig.
    • Sometimes, in Angry Birds Toons, the Corporal Pig has a short temper and can get angry a bit easily. A few examples are from when he got covered in mud by the King Pig by accident in "Where's My Crown?", and when the Birthday Minion Pig accidentally blew his noisemaker into the Corporal Pig's nostril when the Corporal Pig is yelling to the Minion Pig and frightening him in "Another Birthday", resulting the noisemaker incident. He can also be seen yelling out to call the Minion Pigs, as seen in the episode "Another Birthday".
  • In Angry Birds Space, if you use Pig Puffer, the helmet will fall, and Corporal Pig will instantly die. You can't destroy the helmet because if it separates from Corporal Pig, it will be indestructible.
  • In a Mighty Eagle picture, where the Mustache Pig and a Large Pig are scared because of the Mighty Eagle coming, Corporal Pig is seen running off, leaving his helmet behind.
  • In the Angry Birds Toons episode "Dopeys on a Rope", the Corporal Pig has a different look than in the previous episodes, like "Where's My Crown?", "Another Birthday" or "Cordon Bleugh!". He has wrinkles on his face, his helmet covers his eyes, and his helmet is darker, more busted, and has a card with an Ace of Spades on it strapped on his helmet by the belt. He also has a slightly darker color for his skin in "Dopeys on a Rope".
    • Beforehand, Corporal Pig was nothing more than a Minion Pig with a helmet. This is further proven in Angry Birds Epic, in which he use nearly the assets as a Minion Pig.
  • His name is mentioned as Corporal in some comics.
  • Corporal Pig's helmet has a fuse in King Pig Mode, and can turn red when about to explode, just like Bomb.
  • In Angry Birds Epic, the Corporal Pig has its old Toons design as seen in certain animations such as "Meet the Pink Bird". He also appears to be wielding a lollipop as his weapon.
  • The Helmet of Corporal Pig in the Angry Birds Toons episode «Dopeys on a Rope», as well as in further episodes, bears more than a striking resemblance to the Soldier's Stash [1], a helmet of the Soldier from the Valve first person shooter Team Fortress 2, even with said helmet being conspicuously worn over the eyes.