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"Excellent. You boys make me proud. In fact, I'm so proud that I'm going to show you something. This is what we're fighting for, boys. This is what makes all the hard work, all of the eating and the napping, all of it worthwhile."
Corporal Pig, Angry Birds Comics #4

Corporal Pig is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. He is a pig and the commander of the Minion Pigs.


Originally, Corporal Pig was a round pig with lime skin. He wore a gray helmet with two brown belts on the sides, that covered most of his head. In Angry Birds Chrome, his design was updated to have larger eyes. This design would be also used in future updates of the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Friends before 2020, the levels of Angry Birds Trilogy, and in Angry Birds Epic. In the cutscenes of Angry Birds Trilogy and the episodes of Angry Birds Toons before "Thunder Chuck", Corporal Pig used a similar design, though his skin was slightly darker and his eyes were smaller, just like in his earliest design.

From "Dopeys on a Rope" onwards, Corporal Pig recieved a completly different design. His skin is now green-colored, much darker than before, and his eyes cannot be seen due to his helmet covering them. The helmet is now slightly damaged, and has a brown belt across it with a card on it. This design was also used for The Angry Birds Movie, where he was given an anthropomorphic design.

Game appearances

Angry Birds (game)

Corporal Pig's first appearance in level 1-21 of Poached Eggs, from the original Angry Birds.

Corporal Pig makes his first appearance in level 1-21 of Poached Eggs in the original Angry Birds. He also appears as an enemy in some of the following levels of the game, sometimes in mass. Just like the other pigs in the game, Corporal Pig must be popped to complete the levels. He appears to be much tougher than the normal Minion Pig, mainly due to his helmet protecting him from damage. However, he can be defeated quite easily. Popping Corporal Pig will grant the player 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, Corporal Pig appears as an enemy in all the episodes of the game. While he keeps his earliest appearance in the levels, the map of Power-Up Test Site features him in his Angry Birds Trilogy design, and the video tutorial for the Telebird in the second level of Power-Up Test Site has him in his second design from Angry Birds Toons.

In gameplay, Corporal Pig is commonly featured in most levels. As with the original Angry Birds, he is tougher than the normal Minion Pig due to his helmet. He will also sink in the water if he falls into it. Popping Corporal Pig will grant the player 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Friends

In Angry Birds Friends, Corporal Pig is featured as a common enemy that appears in both tournaments and the Piggy Tower. While he originally had his design from Angry Birds Chrome, his appearance was updated in 2020. As with past games, Corporal Pig is more resistant to attacks. Popping Corporal Pig will grant the player 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, Corporal Pig is featured once again as an enemy that first appears in the seventeenth level of Pig Bang. In this game, he has his design from Angry Birds Chrome. In gameplay, Corporal Pig can be found inside of gravitational fields or in breathing bubbles that allow him to be in outer space. He has the same features as in past games, being tougher than other pigs. However, he can be frozen by Ice Bird's explosions. In this state, he will be much weaker. Corporal Pig can also be frozen if he is outside of a gravitiaional field without any bubbles, and will pop after one second. Like in Angry Birds Seasons, Corporal Pig will sink into the water if he falls on it. Popping Corporal Pig will grant the player 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Go!

Corporal Pig's introductory cutscene, from the 1.0.0 version of Angry Birds Go!

In Angry Birds Go!, Corporal Pig is featured as a boss in the second circuit of Stunt, and the twelfth of the game overall. For the first time in a game, he has his design from "Dopeys on a Rope". When the player fights against him, Corporal Pig will be driving the Dragster Snout L6. To unlock him, the player has to beat him once, or three times in the 1.0.0 version.

In gameplay, Corporal Pig has the same gameplay as other characters. His ability is to have three helmets around him to protect him. When an opponent touches one of said helmets, they will spin around and be stunned temporally. However, said helmet will be lost. The ability can be used for free in a race, though only the first time, while the second time onwards require gems to perform the move.

Angry Birds Epic

The Corporal, from Angry Birds Epic.

In Angry Birds Epic, Corporal Pig is a Common Pig with the name of Corporal. He has the design from Angry Birds Trilogy, and uses a large, red and white lollipop as a weapon. In gameplay, the Corporal appears as an enemy in the Golden Fields, the Pumpkin Plateau, Pig City, the Old Nesting Barrows, and the Chronicle Cave. He can use the Pummel to attack an enemy, and the Lick after two turns to heal himself.

Angry Birds Blast!

In Angry Birds Blast!, Corporal Pig is featured as an enemy that commonly appears in mass. In this game, he uses his design from "Dopeys on a Rope", and is seen driving an UFO.

Angry Birds POP Blast

Angry Birds Reloaded


Corporal Pig is a bossy, selfish pig, whose entire life goes about bullying and doing exercises.[1] He spends all day screaming at his minions, using fear to put them in order.[1] Corporal Pig is very short-tempered, and punishes any pig that disobeys him by kicking them out of Pig City. Once, when King Pig (who Corporal Pig did not recognize due to the monarch not wearing his crown) accidentally dirtied him with mud, he threw him to a landfill.[3] Corporal Pig spends all day screaming at his minions, using fear to put them in order, which is why he is respected.[1] However, he is also very stubborn, as he wants to have everything to go his way, and never learns from his mistakes. He is pretty uninspiring as well, never inspiring his troops to make them do their job.[1]

Corporal Pig's hero and idol is, by far, King Pig. To his eyes, the monarch is a god who has to be worshipped, and will do absolutely to satisfy him.[1] Nevertheless, he is very stupid and cannot recognize King Pig if he is not wearing his crown.[3] In addition, he can be pretty coward, running away from a public pool after seeing two shark finns, which were actually two disguised Minion Pigs.[4]






  • In Angry Birds' official website before 2016, Corporal Pig's profile stated that he accidentally glued his helmet to his scalp, making him unable to take it off.[1] Ironically however, most of his appearances show him taking off his helmet.


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