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Red's corpse.

A "corpse" is used to describe the state a bird goes through after they crash into an object on the screen. In this phase, the Bird's feathers appear and will appear badly wounded and injured, with dazed/black eyes and crooked beaks. This is also the time when the bird's strength significantly decreases until it can no longer destroy blocks without the aid of motion. Once a corpse remains still for several seconds, it will disintegrate into the air.

However, if a bird remains offscreen left or right while still flying, it will automatically disintegrate due to its inability to do anything.

It should be noted that Bomb does not have a separate appearance after landing on a structure, as he just flashes shades of red before exploding. Bomb's corpse sprite is only seen in Angry Birds Star WarsTerence doesn't have a corpse sprite- it reuses his basic sprite but he does have one in Angry Birds Star Wars, and Matilda has two different corpse sprites, depending on if her egg was dropped or not. Bubbles also does not have a corpse sprite. After a few seconds, while he is inflated, he deflates, (and flies away) and then disintegrates.

Corpses can also prove to be trouble to the player, as if a bird launches into a corpse, it will have little to no effect on the structure, and if Matilda fires her egg onto a corpse, it will bounce off in another direction before it explodes. Some corpses can also hold up what would be otherwise-collapsing structures, especially Terence in Angry Birds 2. Thus it is advised to wait until a corpse disintegrates before launching another bird.

Even though it's called a corpse, the birds remain alive after turning into one and disintegrate like if they were walking to another level or going to the slingshot again.

These corpse sprites were changed in Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Chrome.

In Angry Birds Epic, if a bird is defeated, the bird will roll off screen with their armor disappearing. Red and Chuck use their Chrome corpses when they are defeated.

A table below shows the distinctive features of the corpses of each bird in the classic games.

Character Features (Original) Features (Updated)
Red Cross-eyed, broken beak Eyes slightly closed looks as if about to faint, slightly opened and broken beak
The Blues Cross-eyed, broken beak One eye closed, tongue out, small beak crack
Chuck Messy feathers, red eyebrows, purple-eye Cross-eyed, eyes slightly closed, messy eyebrows beak crack
Bomb        None due to his explosive impact An unused sprite shows one Eye slightly closed, tongue out, messy eyebrows 
Matilda Purple eye spot, broken teeth, messy feathers Eyes slightly closed, beak crack
Terence None None
Hal Totally messed up the beak and slightly closed eyes Beak is less damaged and his tongue sticks out of his beak, his eyes are almost closed
Bubbles None


Stella None since she disintegrates after using her ability

None but an unused sprite shows messed up crest feathers and a black eye on her left eye

Rio Corpses

Character Features
Blu Scrunched eyes, open beak and feet upwards as if lying down.
Jewel Scrunched eyes, open beak and damaged wings.
Nigel (not playable) Featherless body, eyes looking towards the player. His corpse is only seen in the Smugglers' Plane episode.

Reloaded Corpses

Character Features
Garry Disheveled hair, open mouth, eyes apart.
Harvey A black eye, tooth missing, bruises, broken beak, Band-Aid.


The Corpse Glitch

Main article: Glitches

A glitch can be performed when a bird's corpse sprite is replaced by another one when the bird is supposed to be a corpse. To perform it, have a bird fly in the air while using its ability. Fire a second bird at the first bird while the first one is still in the air, using its ability. If done correctly, the first bird's corpse sprite will be replaced by its ability sprite. The glitch can be seen by the official Angry Birds channel's Poached Eggs 3-12 on Youtube. Rarely, Hal doesn't have crooked beaks if it hits an indestructible structure, but remains open.

Also, it can sometimes happen that, after Matilda has launched her egg, it will 'pop' back to her corpse used when she didn't use the egg. This only happens in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Friends!.

Also, if you fire Terence and hit Hal or Chuck, their pain noises could be heard instead of Terence's pain noises.

There is a glitch when you launch The Blues, and split them into three, they have their corpses.

Angry Birds 2

The corpse behavior in Angry Birds 2 is similar to the previous sequel. However, Terence, Bubbles , Stella , Leonard , and Silver have their new corpse sprite. Bomb does not have his corpse sprite like most games. If the corpse has enough force, then if it falls on a pig, the pig will be popped.


  • Matilda is the only bird with two corpses. However, in the sequel and new updates, she has only one.
  • In Angry Birds Google Chrome, the birds corpses are the same as in Angry Birds Rio (except for the Bomb, who doesn't have a corpse sprite).
  • Every corpse in Angry Birds Friends! and Angry Birds Google Chrome have their tongue sticking out except for Red and Matilda when she used an egg.
  • Stella, (except in Star Wars & Angry Birds 2) Bomb (except in Star Wars and Facebook version of Angry Birds Friends!), Terence (except in Angry Birds 2) and Bubbles (except in Angry Birds 2) are the only birds to not have a corpse sprite.
  • Even though Terence has no corpse, he still has pain noises although he is already on his corpse.
  • None of the classic corpses have birds' or pigs' tongues sticking out.
  • Poppy is the only Stella bird with a corpse.