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Cosmic Crystals is the 7th episode of Angry Birds Space. The 'Cracking Planets' debut in this stage, whose destruction of the crystal barrier causes the gravitational field to shrink and expand with blast power, sending out smaller parts or particles of crystals.



The pigs are going to steal the eggsteroid of the birds, but the Alien Pig steals the eggsteroid and traps the pigs in crystals. The birds give chase.


The alien pig is defeated. Super Red Bird, two of three Lightning Birds and Terence retrieve the eggsteroid.

New things

Crystal Planet - This planet can be destroyed. Worth 2,000 points when you destroy it.


Cosmic Crystals contains 30 levels and 4 bonus levels. This episode is hard because crystal planets can be destroyed, so domino effect happens in many levels. But domino effects is hidden in the game, so it's hard to find it for some. And some levels are extremely hard for three stars. This episode has 3 very hard levels (7-20,7-21 and 7-27) and level 7-30 is one of the hardest level in the entire game.

  • Easiest Level: Level 7-2
  • Hardest Level: Level 7-30


  • There is a new Eggsteroid level from this episode.
  • In the cutscene, there is an alien pig with an eye on his forehead. The app description refers to him as the "Mutant Pig". This pig is also the boss of the level in his UFO.
  • This is the first episode that Fat Pig appears in the first level of the episode rather than being in the boss level.
  • The update causes the game to play the original Angry Birds Space music, but when you go to Pig Dipper, it plays the Angry Birds Space/Slash theme. But not in PC, the game played original music although you go to Pig Dipper.
    • This is probably intended as the creator made the special music for that specified world.
    • As 2.0.0 PC Update, Slash Theme now plays when you go to Pig Dipper.
  • In this episode, Ice Bird only appears in two levels: 7-22 and 7-24. 
  • This is the first episode where there are more than one objects that give you 3000 points: A yellow gem and a purple gem.
  • This is the second episode in Angry Birds Space to have Alliteration. The first is Cold Cuts.
  • This is the third episode in a row where the intro comic has four images and one small one with almost half of it being diagonal, located in between the two images on top.



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