Cosmic Crystals
Cosmic Crystals
Episode number 7
Levels 34
New features Objects:
Crystal Planet : Level 7-1


8525 Inoplanetnyi svin: Level 7-34

Released September 13, 2013
Game(s) Angry Birds Space Square Icon
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Pig Dipper Beak Impact

Cosmic Crystals is the 7th episode of Angry Birds Space. The 'Cracking Planets' debut in this stage, whose destruction of the crystal barrier causes the gravitational field to shrink and expand with blast power, sending out smaller parts or particles of crystals.



An alien pig traps eggsteroid in crystals. The birds give chase.


The alien pig is defeated. Super Red Bird, two of three Lightning Birds and Terence retrieve the eggsteroid.

New things

Crystal Planet (Crystal Planet). This planet can be destroyed. Worth 2,000 points when you destroy it.


Cosmic Crystals contains 30 levels and 4 bonus levels. This episode is hard because crystal planets can be destroyed, so domino effect happens in many levels. But domino effects is hidden in the game, so it's hard to find it for some. And some levels are extremely hard for three stars. This episode has 3 very hard levels (7-20,7-21 and 7-27) and level 7-30 is one of the hardest level in the entire game.