Template:SpaceLeveltabsTemplate:Theme InfoboxCosmic Crystals 7-14 is the fourteenth level in Cosmic Crystals.The objective of level 7-14 is to use the birds to eliminate all the pigs. Get at least 66,000 points for 3 stars.


It's hard for new player because this level has trick that they considered don't know and target score is quite high.


Launch the first Lazer Bird nearly straight up, pushing the asteroid into the small crystal planet above. For some extra points, target both gems for 6,000 points. As the planet explodes, so the east structure is demolished too. Pop the remaining pigs with the next Lazer bird, but be aware that the gravitational field is not particularly strong, so crushing them is difficult.



Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals 7-14 Walkthrough 3 Star


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