ABMovie2 Courtney

Courtney is a pig who appeared only in The Angry Birds Movie 2. She was voiced by Awkwafina (Nora Lum), and is the second known named female pig in the Angry Birds franchise after Zam Wessel.


Courtney is Leonard's new piggy assistant. Even though she spends more time texting and listening to music than actually working, Courtney is probably the most competent and skilled assistant Leonard has ever had, which isn’t saying much. And when Leonard barks out orders, like asking her to actually work, Courtney takes it all in stride, but she occasionally dishes out some wicked retorts to combat Leonard's underestimation.

Courtney is a quiet pig that enjoys texting and listening to music on her phone. Even though she is said to be competent and skilled in the description, she really doesn't do anything other than using her smartphone.


Courtney is a pig with brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and buck teeth with blue braces. She has pink headphones and wears a blue jacket. She seems to always bring a pink smartphone with her.

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Tennis

ABMovie2 Courtney
Abilities Racket boost.
First Appearance After unlocking him
Gender Female
Species Pig
Locations Player Choice
Strength Moderate
Size Medium

   Courtney appeared in Angry Birds Tennis as an opponent. Like all the characters, she used a 3D model that is new. She played tennis the same way as the other characters but her special power is unknown as she is unplayable.



  • She is the second female pig in the movies. The first are the Cheerleader Pigs.
  • it's unknown what happened with Ross to Courtney be Leonard 's new assistant.
  • Awkwafina, who voices Courtney, makes an appearance in the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Plus, Carl is seen in the movie reading a book called Crazy Rich Avians, which is a nod to the movie.

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