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Crash Test Piggies is the seventeenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on July 7, 2013.


Its name is a pun on Crash test dummy.

Toons.TV Description

Corporal Pig tries out his latest weapon of mass destruction on some very worried Minion Pigs.



The episode begins with Corporal Pig checking a fake nest off a distance. He then ordered the Minion Pigs to bring in many rockets in an attempt to take the fake eggs, to see if the weapons would help to get the eggs for the Pigs. Most test subjects were happy to test the weapons except for the last one, who was clearly unwilling to test and was forced by the guards to join the rest.

The first rocket, which was tested by the second pig since he cut the queue, failed since it burnt the pig and disintegrated the net he was holding. All the other test pigs laughed but the intended tester was then squished by the failed rocket, which caused the rest to laugh at him too.

The next rocket did work but did not launch the pig close enough to the eggs within grabbable distance. The third rocket had a delayed start and then suddenly blasted the minion pig into the sky before exploding into a fireworks display. This resulted in Corporal Pig being disappointed and the last test pig to be even more scared.

The fourth rocket just spun around endlessly while the fifth rocket fell to its side and then blasted off. The sixth rocket spun around into the sky and blew up too. Many rockets fell short or over the target and one bomb-shaped rocket literally blew up like a bomb. This caused Corporal Pig to angrily smash his chalkboard and shout at the Minion Pig, who gets really scared and retreats knocking down a barrel of oil by accident on the way, just to return because of the guards.

The rocket he was testing, which was managed by a space station in Pig City managed to be in range for the Minion Pig to take the fake eggs but then shot into outer space. Once he was in outer space, the scared Minion Pig quickly turned his net around to keep the eggs, meeting another test Minion Pig before pummeling back down to pig City.

Once he returned to Pig City with the now blazing eggs, Corporal Pig was pleased with the outcome but the eggs dropped onto a trail of oil the Minion Pig spilled earlier, igniting it to a tank full of oil, resulting in an explosion that set Pig City ablaze and the Minion Pig and the eggs to the fake nest. As he landed safely, he saw King Pig's castle collapse and chuckled weakly, knowing he survived and passed the test unscathed but probably not from the punishment that might follow.



  • This is the second episode to change places on the list of episodes. The first was Thunder Chuck.
  • In the sneak peek, one pig is seen with a broken leg, even though none of the characters has legs. Although, in Slingshot 101, under the bushes, the Pigs' legs are seen.
  • Cola bottles from the Bad Piggies game appear on the rocket that spins around.
  • Among the injured pigs, there seems to be a pig with a hole in his head, and one with eyepatches over both his eyes.
  • In one scene in the episode, the entire Piggy Island can be seen. (See Gallery)
  • This episode is a reference to NASA testing rockets.
  • There are changes the time of deaths on the board.
    • First, the pig has X eyes.
    • Second, the pig was wearing an eye patch.
    • Third, only the skull can be seen.
    • Finally, the skull is green.
  • When the Minion Pig shows Corporal Pig the eggs, it sounds like Corporal Pig said "Buena!" (The feminine of "Good!" in Spanish).


  • The YouTube description mentions Foreman Pig instead of Corporal Pig. However, the description had used the original one instead of the updated description shown above.



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