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Critters are minor characters who appear in Angry Birds Stella as the inhabitants of Golden Island. They also appear in Angry Birds POP! where Willow has to free them before she runs out of bubbles. Red The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, and Shakira used to be able to access the "Free the Critters" levels as well. Critters in Angry Birds Pop! have now been replaced with Hatchlings.

As of Last Bird Standing, there are only two critters that turned to stone by the Golden Egg.

Known critters[]

All critter names are conjectural, unless specified otherwise.

  • Puffhog: Puffhogs are small hedgehog-like creatures that are brightly colored in appearance, except that they have soft fur instead of quills.
  • Skunk:[1] An aggressive black-and-white striped animal, usually seen snarling. When threatened, it sprays its threat with a foul-smelling gas, as seen in All That Glitters.
  • Tree Mammoth: Tree mammoths are small mammoth-like creatures who live in treetops.
  • Butterhorse:[1] Butterhorses are creatures that resemble seahorses with butterfly wings.
  • Scorpionhorse: Scorpionhorses resemble butterhorses, but with pincers on their tails. The pincers can be used to sting people, and carry objects, as seen in Piggy Love.
  • Firefly:[2] Small glowing insects with beady eyes. In Angry Birds Stella, they are seen in tutorial levels to indicate where a bird should be launched.
  • Bee: Small, fluffy insects with beady eyes, small legs and wings, and a proboscis.
  • Landhammer: Landhammers are green hammerhead shark-like creatures that sport legs instead of fins.
  • Palmetrodon: Palmetrodons are small Dimetrodon-like creatures with a sail that resembles a hand, and prominent teeth. Their threat display, seen in Premonition, involves them showing their teeth and shaking their sails.
  • Daddy and Baby Monster:[3] Purple-and-yellow striped creatures seen guarding the Golden Egg in a cave. The Daddy Monster is much larger than any bird, and is dangerous, and very protective over the Golden Egg. The Baby Monster, on the contrary, is quite playful, seen playing around with the birds on several occacions.


  • Froguar:[4] A mix of a frog and a jaguar.
  • Turtle Rhinoceros: A mix of a turtle and a rhinoceros.
  • Butterfly Bat: A mix of a butterfly and a bat. They have no limbs, and use their ears to fly.


Angry Birds Stella Episodes[]



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