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The Cupigs In Venice Tournament is a tournament that happened in Angry Birds Friends on: 

Angry Birds Friends Cupigs In Venice Tournament Art

The tournament art.

  • Tournament 1 (February 12 to February 14, 2018)
  • Tournament 2 (February 15 to February 18, 2018)
  • Octournament (February 8 to February 10, 2021)
  • Tournament 3 (February 10 to February 13, 2021)
  • Tournament 4 (February 13 to February 16, 2021)

It was made to celebrate Valentine's Day with two special features, being set on Italy's famous city called Venice, and a new pig statue that will help the player



As said above, this tournament is set in Venice. Technically, on Venice's Grand Canal's sidewalk. There are a bunch of buildings near the lush river and in the sky there are a bunch of heart-shaped clouds. Saint Mark's Basilica  can be seen in the background.

New Features[]

It added several things such as

  • Golden Cupig: A small cupig statue that gives 5000 points when collected and needs to be assembled with the following items;
    • Golden Bow: Gives 5000 points when collected
    • Golden Love Arrow: Gives 5000 points when collected. Collecting these 3 items will make a big heart fall from the sky and then disintegrates into various small hearts.
  • Gondola: It's divided into three parts, with all of them are easy to destroy and gives points when destroyed.
  • Oar: A hard to destroy object.
  • Fancy Female Pig: A pig that appears in the levels. They are not different than the other pigs but are female and fancy.
  • Skimmer Hat: A pig's wear that make them look fancy.
  • Striped Shirt: Another pig's wear that make them look fancy.
  • Bow Tie: Another pig's wear that make them look fancy.
  • Clay Blocks: Replaces stone blocks and are easier to destroy.
  • Drink Cup: An easy to destroy object.
  • Coffee Cup: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Lyre: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Bunch of Roses: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Pizza Piece: Another easy to destroy object.
    Valentines 2018 Blocks Valentines 2018 1

    Cupigs In Venice Blocks

    Valentines 2018 Theme Valentines 2018 branded 1

    Cupigs In Venice Background


  • The Lyres in some levels from this tournament were brought back from the Ancient Greece Tournament, but they aren't golden anymore.