Cutscenes appear when the player starts a new theme or completes the last level on a theme. The cutscenes have been changed since the version 2.0.0 update. All of the Pigs have taken their Angry Birds (Google Chrome) design, and Chuck's appearance was fixed as well.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds

Episode 1: Poached Eggs

1-1: The Birds noticed that the Eggs were missing from their nest. Blue Jay
Angry Bird Blue

The Cutscene (this is one of the first made cut-scenes)

noticed pig hoofprints on the ground, and Chuck sees the Pigs with the eggs, exclaiming a "#" to show he was angry at the pigs. They later Fixed Chuck's design in future games.

1-21: The Birds ( Red, Blue Jay, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda), defeated the Corporal Pig and the birds continue pursuing the Pigs.

2-21: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and the birds once again continue pursuing the King Pig and the other Pigs.

3-21:The Birds defeat King Pig, along with the other Pigs, and retrieve the eggs. Before the Birdday Party update, this cutscene was different.

Episode 2: Mighty Hoax

4-1: The Birds see that the Eggs have been replaced by cardboard cutouts. Chuck witnesses that the Pigs and the King Pig were hiding behind a cardboard cutout of himself as a distraction, and the real eggs are there too. 

4-21: The Birds defeat King Pig, but suddenly, they noticed it was a cardboard cutout of him. The Birds again continue pursuing the Pigs.

5-21: The Birds retrieve the Eggs, and realize the King Pig used a cardboard cutout and the real King Pig is still hiding.

Episode 3: Danger Above

6-1: The Birds see that the Eggs are again missing from the nest, and see that the Pigs have taken them yet again but this time, from the skies, and on a raft with four balloons.

6-15: The Corporal Pig was defeaten by the Birds, and they continue pursuing the other Pigs.

7-15: The Foreman Pig is defeated, and the Birds continue pursuing the Pigs once again.

8-15: The King Pig was defeaten by the Birds, hung upside down on a balloon, and they retrieve the eggs.

  • Error: There were 6 eggs in total in the last cutscene. 3 in a bucket, 3 beside the birds.

Episode 4: The Big Setup

9-1: The Pigs capture the Birds in a cage, steal the Eggs, and decide to reconstruct some of their forts from the first 3 episodes. However, Terence sees that the Birds are being held captive and decides to attack the Pigs.

9-15: Terence defeats the hard-hatted Corporal Pig, but he continues to pursue some Pigs.

10-15: Terence defeats the hard-hatted Foreman Pig and continues to pursue the Pigs.

11-15: The King Pig is defeaten, and has been captured in the cage by Terence. He retrieves the Eggs and frees the birds. The Birds give membership to Terence in the flock. 

Episode 5: Ham 'Em High

12-1: The Birds notice the eggs are missing and see that the Pigs are stealing them with a lasso. (The birds are free and Terence is in the flock permanently.)

12-15: The Birds defeat the Corporal Pig and continue to pursue the Pigs.

13-15: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and continue to pursue the Pigs.

14-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig, then he gets shoved in his cowboy hat, and they retrieve the Eggs.

Episode 6: Mine and Dine

15-1: The Birds notice the Eggs are missing again and see that the Pigs are digging tunnels underground to hide themselves and the eggs they stole.

15-15: The Birds defeat the Corporal Pig and continue to pursue the Pigs.

16-15: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and continue to pursue the Pigs.

17-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig, shove him into his miner's helmet and retrieve the Eggs. (Before the Birdday Party update, the animation of King Pig is different).

Episode 7: Birdday Party

Cake 4-1: The Birds and Bubbles all notice that a piece of their cake and the Eggs are both missing. Chuck sees the Pigs have the piece of the cake, and the Eggs are inside the piece of the cake.

Cake 4-15: The Birds defeat the Corporal Pig and they continue to pursue the Pigs.

Cake 3-15: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and continue pursuing the Pigs.

Cake 2-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig and retrieve not only the Eggs, but the piece of cake as well.

Episode 8: Bad Piggies

These cutscenes show a different background than normal. (These are the same ones from Ground Hog Day)

20-1: The Birds notice that their eggs are missing yet again. Chuck sees King Pig with Ross and Mechanic Pig, and the eggs are in their possession.

20-15: The Birds defeat the very helpful Mechanic Pig and continue pursuing the Pigs.

21-15: The Birds defeat Foreman Pig with a mechanic's hat (Similar to the Bad Piggies Comic) and continue pursuing the Pigs.

22-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig, and they retrieve the Eggs.

Episode 9: Red's Mighty Feathers

23-1: The Angry Birds and Bad Piggies are fighting over the Eggs again, but Red is frustrated over a lack of a special ability. Just then, the Mighty Eagle flies by and gives Red a new power. Red joins his fellow birds in their crusade to rescue the eggs.

23-15: The Birds have recovered the Eggs, but while they are gathered around one of the defeated Pigs, Corporal Pig is in a flying machine who flies up to the eggs.

Feather-1: Red is the only one who noticed that Corporal Pig stole the Eggs back, so he goes after him but he's only able to recover one of them. Suddenly, a wave of Pigs in their contraptions approach the last egg, and it's up to him to face them alone.

Feather-15: Red defeats Foreman Pig. Meanwhile, King Pig is building his own vehicle, which is hidden behind a curtain.

Episode 10: Short Fuse

25-1: The Pigs (wearing lab coats) stole the Eggs again and brought them to Professor Pig's laboratory, little do they know that a leaking pipe gave Bomb a new power.

25-15: The Birds defeated the Corporal Pig and covered him in mucus, and then, they chase the Foreman Pig.

26-15: The Birds defeated the Foreman Pig and covered him in mucus, so they now plan to do the same with King Pig.

27-15: The Birds defeated King Pig and covered him in mucus. They retrieve the eggs.

Episode 11: Piggy Farm

33-1: Red gets angry as he notices the eggs are missing,Matilda watches and Chuck tries to retrieve the eggs by using a pitchfork to make them fall off Foreman Pig's  hay wain being moved by pigs with a Cow Costume.

34-15: Red and Matilda defeat the Cow Pigs, Chuck tries to catch Foreman Pig , but ends up catching Foreman Pig's farmer hat with the pitchfork  while he escapes on a Time Machine set to travel back to -65 million years.

Episode 12: Jurassic Pork

35-1:Red ,Chuck and Matilda  go back in time and see Foreman Pig being the king of Prehistoric Pigs.

37-16:Red , Chuck , Bomb , Matilda and The Blues defeat the pigs, retrieve The Eggs and make a party, while pigs are seen riding Tyrannosaurus Rexes in the background.

Bonus 1: Surf and Turf

This episode originally had no cutscenes until Surf and Turf was added the second set of levels to the game. These cutscenes show a beach background instead of the normal background.

SnT-1: In the Facebook version, Red, Blue Jay, and Chuck are relaxing at the beach with their nest, while not realizing that a balloon is taking the Eggs away; by the time the Birds look at their nest, their Eggs are gone and see that the Pigs are stealing the eggs again but with their balloons. In the iOS and Android version, the Birds, at the beach, notice the Eggs are missing. Chuck saw that the Pigs have stolen the eggs once again; this time with balloons.

SnT-15: In the Facebook version, Red, Blue Jay, and Chuck angrily defeat Corporal Pig when suddenly, Red noticed the Pigs on a wooden wheelbarrow taking their Eggs to the lake. In the iOS and Android version, the Birds defeat Corporal Pig and continue pursuing the Pigs.

SnT-30: In the Facebook version, Red, Blue Jay, and Chuck angrily defeat Foreman Pig and Chuck demands that Minion Pig where their eggs are before Blue Jay noticed the Pigs on a floatie taking the Eggs to stormy weather. In the iOS and Android version, the Birds defeat Foreman Pig and continue pursuing the Pigs.

SnT-45: In the Facebook version, Chuck triumphantly defeats King Pig and Red and Blue Jay manage to retrieve their Eggs. In the iOS and Android version, the Birds defeat King Pig, destroy the sunglasses and the cocktail glass, and retrieve the Eggs.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Seasons

Trick or Treat

This episode originally had a cutscene involving the pigs scaring the birds with a Large Pig ghost and stealing the eggs. However, in mid-2012, it was changed to an ending photo depicted here:

3-15: The Birds defeat the Large Pig disguised as a ghost and the King Pig and manage to retrieve the eggs.

Hogs and Kisses

1-15: Red and Female Red Bird defeat a Cupid Pig hung on a balloon and retrieve the Boy and Girl Eggs.

Go Green, Get Lucky

1-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig with a battered St. Patrick's Day hat on and retrieve an Egg.

Easter Eggs

1-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig lying next to a smashed Easter Egg and retrieve the Eggs.

Summer Pignic

1-30: The Birds defeat the King Pig with a picnic quilt on him and a Medium Pig splattered with an ice cream cone and retrieve the Eggs.

Moon Festival

2-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig and a Small Pig, who have fallen into the water. The Birds, however, watch the moon with the Eggs being retrieved.


2-15: The Birds defeat the Large Pig, who has been thrown onto some thorns and the King Pig, who has been stuffed into a pumpkin and retrieve the Eggs.

Wreck the Halls

1-25: The Birds stare at the Christmas tree with the Pigs to celebrate Christmas Day.

Year of the Dragon

1-15: The Birds defeat the King Pig and a Large Pig, retrieve the Eggs and watch the fireworks.

Cherry Blossom

1-15: The Birds defeat a Small Pig, a Medium Pig and the King Pig and retrieve the Eggs.


2-15: The Birds defeat a Small Pig (submerged underwater) and the King Pig, who lost his trident and mermaid costume to Red, and retrieve the Eggs.

Back to School

1-20: The Birds defeat two Small Pigs and the King Pig who lost his graduation cap to Terence, and they retrieve the Eggs, when suddenly, it starts to rain. (Stella has an umbrella for protection for the birds).

Haunted Hogs

2-15: The Birds, disguised as Pigs, trick the Small Pig, Corporal Pig, and King Pig, which makes the rafters fall on them and the Birds' trick worked so they can retrieve the Eggs.

Winter Wonderham

1-25: The Birds defeat the Pigs and retrieve their Eggs. They are happy with a snowman with a bird's head. The Pigs are thrown in the snow.


2-15: The Birds defeat Magician Pig, and return home with their eggs through the same portal from the loading screen.

Arctic Eggspedition

1-25: The Birds defeat King Pig, retrieve the eggs, and celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Bad Piggies.

South Hamerica

The Birds saves the eggs while Foreman pig and the others minions pigs tries to climb the mountain.

Angry Birds Seasons South Hamerica

South Hamerica's Cutscene

Ham Dunk

The Birds defeats the pigs while destroyed fake arms and legs are on the floor.

On Finn Ice

Terence and Tony watch a Aurora Borealis on the sky.

Tropigal Paradise

Jay, Jake and Jim defeat the Tribal Pigs.

Invasion Of The Egg Snatchers

Telebird Red destroys UFOs while Matilda ,Bomb and Stella celebrate.

Ski Or Squeal

Terence and Tony get their Christmas presents while wearing Christmas hats and sweaters.

Fairy Hogmother

Terence and Rapunzel Matilda get in love while watching the horizon.

Marie Hamtoinette

Bomb explodes and destroys the pigs' tea party along with a Leonard statue.

Summer Camp

Terence is sad because the holiday camp ended and the pigs are going away in a car, one of the pigs is sad and begging to keep in the camp.

Piggywood Studios

Part 1

Red , Chuck and Bomb are in a theater watching a movie with a To Be Continued... screen.

Part 2

A Pig waves at the screen while saying: That's all hogs!

Hammier Things

It shows Chuck ,Matilda and probably Red in a monster costume,scaring three camping pigs.


It shows Red with a hair dryer heating a pig with a towel,drinking hot chocolate,while in the background there's a destroyed viking boat sinking.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Rio

These are the first cutscenes in Angry Birds history that appear as comic strips like in Surf and Turf, but each scene is shown as panels appearing in consecutive order.

Smuggler's Den

1-1: The Birds were watching over their eggs until a cage drops down and ships them to Rio where the Birds go to a mysterious Den where lots of Birds are trapped in cages. The Birds are angered and smash out of the cage.

2-15: After freeing Blu and Jewel, the Birds then escape into the Jungle while Nigel tells the Marmosets to seize them.

Jungle Escape

4-15: The Birds defeat Nigel and he flies away. Rafael appears and advises the birds to seek out Luiz, who can separate Blu and Jewel.

Beach Volley

6-15: The Birds have cleared all the Marmosets at the beach and Luiz separates Blu and Jewel, but then Nigel kidnaps Jewel.

Carnival Upheaval

8-15: The Birds defeat Mauro as Blu reaches the allegorical car holding Jewel, but then Nigel abducts him.

Airfield Chase

10-15: The Birds board the Smugglers' Plane and rush to Blu and Jewel's rescue.

Smuggler's Plane

12-15: A quick scene appears showing all the Caged Birds flying out of the Smuggler's Plane. Nigel appears, but gets his feathers cut off by the propeller. He falls screaming "AHHHHHH!" The Birds then continue their flight. The comic shows the Smugglers' Plane (with Red, Blue Jay, and Chuck inside) going back to their island where the Pigs are ready to again steal the Eggs. Eventually, the plane crashes, catches on fire, and the three Birds are with the eggs again, with the Pigs hiding, behind a bush.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Space

These cutscenes are similar to those of Rio and the Angry Birds Friends version of Surf and Turf, being comic strips and each scene being shown as panels appearing in consecutive order.

Pig Bang

1-1: The Space Birds witness the Space Pigs emerging from a vortex. The King Pig, in his mobile, steals an Eggsteroid using a claw. The Birds get angry and chase after them.

1-30: The Space King was defeated by the Birds, but he emerges from the wreckage of his vehicle and escapes, so the Birds, once again, chase after the Space King's escape UFO.

Cold Cuts

2-1: The Birds arrive in an ice galaxy, just in time to witness the Ice Bird get captured in a bubble by the Space King.

2-30: The Birds defeat the Space King, and retrieve the Eggsteroid.

Fry Me to the Moon

3-1: After defeating King Pig, the Birds arrive on the moon of the ice galaxy, just in time to witness a Space Egg get stolen by a Foreman Pig.

3-10: The Birds defeat the Foreman Pig and retrieve the Space Egg.


4-1: After defeating Foreman Pig on the moon, Red notices a signal: he sees Fat Pig wanting to eat Ice Bird's Eggsteroid. Red then becomes angry.

4-30: At the Utopia planet, the Birds defeat the Fat Pig who then becomes small and the Ice Bird retrieves the Eggsteroid. The Fat Pig sweats as the Birds glare at him.

Red Planet

5-1: After defeating Fat Pig, the Birds witness the Mars Curiosity Rover land on Mars and see the Pigs hijacking it to steal the Eggs, causing the Birds to chase them.

5-30: The Birds defeat the Pigs who hijacked the Mars Curiosity Rover. They retrieve the Eggs, take the rover and run the Pigs over with the Mars Curiosty Rover and drive away.

Pig Dipper

6-1: The Space King, alive and well, steals back the Eggsteroid and goes into a water planet. However, the Birds give chase.

6-30: The Birds defeat the King Pig, destroy his UFO Submarine and are happy to have the Eggsteroid back.

Cosmic Crystals

7-1: A alien Pig traps the Pigs in crystals. The birds then give chase.

7-30: The Birds defeat the Alien Pig.

Beak Impact

8-1: BIrds Looking Up The Crystal. But Then Crystal IS Falling DOwn. BLues Looked The Telescope And Sees King Pig. And Fly Return TO Pigs Fight Anyway.

8-40: Birds Looked King. But King IS Defeated As Well 

Brass Hogs

9-1: Birds Looked The Smoke. And Then Birds Deguse Smoke And Looked The Pigs

9-2: BIrds Looked The Portal And Then Fast Into Portal. And Then Looked Static Brass Hogs

9-30: Birds Is Saved For Eggs Before The Pigs Death

Danger Zone

D-1: The Pigs go into Danger Zone.

D-30: The Birds fly away.

Solar System

10-1: The pigs build an Egg Device to find the eggs, the egg device passes a portal and tells the pigs (Which the signal comes to a pig's headphone) that the eggs are on a planet of the Solar System (The eggs were the Space Egg) , for their happiness. Knowing this, the pigs go to the portal, prepared with pans and forks,but Red , Jay, Jake and Jim and Chuck caught them in sight.

10-13: The pigs get defeated and the birds retrieve the Space Egg.

Froot Loops Bloopers

F-1: The Pigs are looking for Froot Loops and they are now chasing the Toucans. The birds chase after them.

F-5: The birds, toucans and pigs are now enjoying and eating a Froot Loops Bloopers breakfast. At the bottom of the cutscene, there is "This is advertising by Kellogg's"

Cutscenes in Bad Piggies

Ground Hog Day

1-1: The King Pig, Ross , and Mechanic Pig notice the Eggs far away by using a telescope. The Pigs open up a map to find their way to the eggs, only for it to be accidentally caught in a fan and torn to pieces. The Pigs must journey to recover all of the missing pieces of the map.

1-36: The Pigs get the map pieces and are happy. They now set forth to steal the Eggs.

Rise and Swine

2-1: Ross, Mechanic Pig, and a Minion Pig were trying to have something to eat. But all they have to eat is a cake made out of sand and flowers. Just then, the Pigs smelled something and noticed that the smell came from a chocolate cake carried by what appears to be a silhouette of the Chef Pig. The hungry Pigs then decide to go after him to get that cake. The v1.4.0 update adds an additional scene where the Pigs crash their vehicle into the Chef Pig, causing him to drop desserts and baked goods all over the place. The Chef Pig yells at them, saying the food was meant for the King Pig.

2-36: The Pigs are standing before King Pig. King Pig is very unhappy and angry that his food was lost. Suddenly, the Pigs surprise him by presenting him a cake. King Pig then forgives them and happily eats the cake.

When Pigs Fly

3-1: Following the events after "Ground Hog Day", when the Pigs finally get all of the pieces of the map together, they are too late as the Eggs they were searching for have been moved. The Pigs decide to plan out their schemes on something sturdier than paper, choosing Wood as a result. However, Ross was unaware that the wood they are using is part of a TNT Crate, which explodes, on the King Pig, scorching him crossly. The map is destroyed, again. The Pigs must once again journey to recover all of the pieces.

3-36: The King Pig is still very mad at Ross. After they get all the pieces of the map again, the Pigs see that the eggs are not there. Ross then notices that the eggs were painted on the telescope they were using. It turned out that they were fakes, decoys set up by Jay, Jake and Jim . King Pig then chases the pigs in anger.

Flight in the Night

4-1: The Pigs finally found the Eggs and stole them from the Birds, who were sleeping. The King Pig suggested to let the egg ride on the vehicle with the Rider.

4-36: The Piggies escaped with the Eggs and are about to dine in. The King Pig uses a hammer to break them, but the hammer breaks. These Eggs turn out to be Egg-Shaped Rocks painted to look like that Bird's Eggs. The Blues pranked the pigs, once again. The King Pig chases the other Pigs in anger as The Blues, who played the trick once again, laugh.

Tusk 'til Dawn

5-1: Ross went Trick or Treating and enjoy his goodies. Homever, he ate too much candy that he fell asleep.

5-14 : After Ross woke up in his dream, he's surprised that Major Lazer Pig & Zombie Pigs stole his remaining candies and ate them. Feeling upset, he throws his empty pumpkin candy pot over Major Lazer but it missed & bounce back to Ross, injuring him and making him dizzy.

5-44: Ross Pig woke up in his bed, realizing that the events was only a bad dream.

The Road To El Porkado

6-1 King Pig notices a pot or statue is missing and demands the pigs to find it,  Ross notices it and gets a map to El Porkado and goes in an adventure with his rubber duck to find something way better.

6-13 Ross opens a stone gate,where he finds a bunch of gold and El Porkado's Pig Statue

6-36:King Pig is ready to eat a lot of Chef Pig 's desserts, then Ross shows the El Porkado's statue which makes King Pig happy and Ross proud of himself.

Bonus Levels (Cave Levels)

Mechanic Pig's hat falls into a deep cave and it's up to Ross to get it back.

Hidden Loot Crates

Ross breaks his wooden vehicle and then falls in a cave,where he finds a crate and uses a crowbar to open it.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Star Wars


1-1: The Empire's Star Destroyer captures the rebellion's Tantive IV ship,Princess Leia inserts the plans on R2D2 before she is captured by Two Storm Pigtroopers and Darth Vader ,R2-D2 and C-3PO escape and go to Tatooine. Luke Skywalker comes across three Jawas, who give him C-3PO and R2-D2.

1-5: Luke faints from the attack of the Tusken Raiders, but they run away when Obi-Wan Kenobi arrives to rescue Luke.


1-9: Luke is given a lightsaber, but he needs to be more careful with it, as he sets a lot of things on fire.


1-17: Luke and Obi-Wan meet Han Solo and Chewbacca, who is drinking. Greedo spies on the group from behind, but Han blasts Greedo with his blaster.

1-25: The Birds get away from the Storm Pigtroopers and escape Tatooine.


1-40: The Birds find the Death Star and are surprised.

Death Star

2-1: The Blue Birds (Rebel Pilots) have come to assist the Birds.


2-11: The Millennium Falcon flies into the Death Star.


2-25: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader engage in a lightsaber duel, thereby upgrading his force.


2-40: The Birds find the nasal core and blast it to destroy the Death Star.


3-1:Darth Vader has found the new Rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth. As a result, the Rebel Birds try to defend the base and battle against a new Imperial adversary, the AT-AT Walkers. Meanwhile, Han Solo and Princess Leia are found in a frozen corridor and the ground starts to shake.

3-20: The Birds head to Space with Darth Vader and the Imperial Pigs on their trail.


3-27: The Birds enter what seems to be a space cave (but is actually the mouth of a giant space slug).


3-40: The Birds escape from the mouth of the space slug.


Path of the Jedi

4-1: Luke Skywalker crash-lands on Dagobah and meets Yoda.


4-40: After he completes his training with Yoda, Luke gains black clothing and is upgraded with a green lightsaber, resembling Luke's appearance from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.


Cloud City

5-1: Lando shows Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Han Solo the city. Unknown to them except Lando,The stormtroopers are behind them.

5-20: Darth Vader freezes Han Solo in carbonite as Princess Leia looks on in shock,Lando feels guilty to do this.


5-40: As the battle in Cloud City reaches it's end point, Luke Skywalker, who lost his Lightsaber in a duel with Darth Vader and winds up trapped, gets a shocking discovery. Darth Vader tells him that he is his father, causing Luke to scream in dismay. Later, Luke, along with Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2, watch happily their fleet with the Mighty Spaceships, the birds knowing that they failed to unfreeze Chuck Solo, as Fett escapes with him to Jabba "Desilijc Tiure" the Hutt.

Moon of Endor

6-1: Princess Leia frees Han Solo from his carbon frozen state, only to be interrupted by Jabba the Hogg, who enslaves Leia until Luke Skywalker comes to free his friends. They go to the moon of Endor to destroy the sati light signaling the second Death Star's shield generator, only to be spotted by Ewoks.

6-15: The Ewoks capture Luke, Han Solo and R2-D2 and are about to step into a boiling pot, while they treat C-3PO as a King.


6-30: Princess Leia and Han Solo manage to destroy the shield generator.

Death Star 2

7-1: The rebels aproach the second Death Star. Too late they find out it's still opporational. Lando and Nien Nunb get a panic attack.

7-15: After managing to heavily damage the death star, the partners celebrate (thereby upgrading the Rebel Birds' powers).

7-25: As Luke and Vader fight, Palpatine watches with glee.


7-29: Luke defeats his father, but is horror stricken by his action. Tired of his games, Luke draws his saber at Swindle.


7-30: Luke knocks Swindle into a chasm, but Palpatine manages to electrocute Vader to near death. As Vader is dying, Luke unmasks him and they manage to speak, father to son, before he dies. Luke flees with the corpse to The Moon of Endor and they all celebrate as the ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan and the redeemed Anakin watch on. The End.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Star Wars II

Naboo Invasion

B1-1: The Trade Federation has invaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kaboomi quickly escape the Pig Control Station and travel to Naboo, where they fight their way through Battle

B1-4: Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are outnumbered by an army of Battle Droid Pig and the Pig Droid Tank that appears as the boss.


B1-11: Casually, the great Jedi Master Yoda, comes in and saves the jedi.


B1-20: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Yoda destroy the Pig Droid Tank, saving the Queen of Naboo; Padmé "Amidala" Naberrie, Captain Panaka, and JarJar Bird, and they quickly escape Naboo.


P1-1: Piglatine assigns bounty hunter, Jango Fett to take over Naboo; the duo sets after the Jedi


P1-12: Swindle sends out an army of Battle Droids and sends them to chase after Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.


P1-20: Sidious is delighted with the Battle Droid's work as they damage the ship the Jedi fled in.


Escape to Tatooine

B2-1: The group plans to go to Coruscant, however the ship has been damaged. So they land on Tatooine to get the parts to repair the ship.


B2-5: Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and the others meet a young bird named Anakin Skywalker, who is repairing his PodRacer since it's leaking.


B2-20:Sebulba's Podracer is destroyed, and Anakin wins the race, their escape from the planet is interrupted by Darth Maul, who tries to avoid Qui-Gon,The gang went into the ship and escape from the sith.


P2-1:The Pigs follow the Birds to Tatooine with Darth Maul, a Battle Droid, Jango and Porku.


P2-20: Maul and the Count attack, however, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon successfully escape.


Battle of Naboo

B3-1: The Droids begin to attack Naboo, it is time for Queen Padmé Amidala to reclaim what is hers.


B3-6: Padmé, Captain Panaka, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are outnumbered by an army of Battle Droids.


B3-20: Anakin manages to destroy the droid control ship, saving Padmé, Panaka and Naboo. A celebration is later held by Boss Rugor Nass as Padmé stands as queen of Naboo.


P3-1:Darth Maul witnesses the birds return to Naboo.


P3-5: Zam Wesell appears and defeats the guards.


P3-20: Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are fighting Darth Maul but Qui-Gon is defeated. Obi-Wan cries by his dying master as Maul laughs.


Rise of the Clones

B4-1: The birds fly back to Kamino, then they watch a hologram showing Zam Wessel and Janko Fett. Anakin Skywalker then falls in love with Padme, but meanwhile, Obi-Wan sees numerous Battle Droids and Zam Wessel outside the window.


B4-6: Mace Windu and the Jedi Younglings help the birds fight off the Battle Droids.


B4-20: Obi-Wan begins to follow Jango fett with his spaceship and headed straight to Kamino there he spies on the Clone Troopers and begins to talk to one of them.


P4-1: With Zam Wessel getting her grappling hook electrocuted, Jango Fett runs into his own spacecraft.


P4-3: Obi-Wan orders the Clone Troopers to attack Jango and Boba Fett.


P4-20: Boba Fett and Jango Fett attempt to drown Obi-Wan in the seas of Coruscant. However it turns out that Obi-Wan didn't drowned as he saw the duo fly away in their spaceship.


Revenge of the Pork

B5-1: Obi-Wan reports to Anakin and Padme that he has followed Jango and Boba to Geonosis, and they meet each other on the planet, only to be caught by Jango, Nute Gunray,Dooku and some Battle Droids.


B5-6: A Republic Gunship arrives, and Chancellor Palpatine, Kit Fisto and some Clone Troopers come to help out. Jango has been killed and Boba holds him while a Homing Spider Droid comes.


B5-16: Dooku retreats after battling Yoda, and The Republic and the Jedi return to Coruscant and oversee the production of Clone Troopers though Yoda begins to suspect that something isn't right.


P5-1: Chancellor Palpatine has been captured and Anakin and Obi-Wan go save him. They encounter Count Dooku again, and Anakin manages to kill him. Meanwhile, General Grievous is on the run.


P5-5: The Jedi have found out that Chancellor Palpatine is actually the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Mace Windu has come to kill him, but Anakin kill Mace. With nowhere to go, Anakin joins the Dark Side and becomes Darth Vader. He leaves off, abandoning Ob-Wan and a broken-hearted Padme.


P5-9: Sidious unleashes Order 66, telling the Troopers to kill all the Jedi.


P5-16: Vader and Obi-Wan duel on Mustafar, and it ends with Obi-Wan knocking Vader into the lava. Obi-Wan and Padme with two eggs leave the volcanic planet, Swindle and his Troopers discover the scarred and burned Darth vader, and take him to surgery fitting him with a life-support suit and mask.


BE-1: Ezra saw the stormtroopers' and took the pig's helmet before running away from them.


BE-3:Ezra is getting cornered by the stormtroopers until he is saved by Sabine 


BE-12: Ezra escaped from Kallus and his stormtroopers and he join sabine's group the ghost crew.


PE-1: Kanan and Hera saw Vizago's droids and Vizago saw them both while talking to Kallus and then attacked them.


PE-4: Kallus and the stormtroopers are continue attacking Kanan and Hera. Kanan defended the lasers using his lightsaber. Kallus brought another enemy, the AT-DP pilots


PE-12: Kallus hurts and went to hologram Inquisitor as he talked about Kanan.


Cutscenes in Angry Birds Go!


Track 1

Intro: The Birds saw the Minion Pigs ready to race and the prizes for winning: (1st Place: The Big Cake, 2nd Place: Eaten Apple, and 3rd Place: A Shoe), then Red jumped onto a Minion Pig pushing him of his cart and drove away. 

After tutorial: Red and Mechanic Pig day-dreamed about the cake and then Red's kart broke down. Mechanic Pig tries to pull the kart while Red feels upset and hopeless. When they reach the cave (which is called Mechanic Pig's Kart Showroom), Mechanic Pig decided to help Red by making him a new kart.

Champion Chase 1: Stella floats down from the sky in a bubble on her Soda-Pop Sedan and pops it pushing away two Minion Pigs.

Champion Chase 3: Stella flew to the edge of cliff and love bubbles flew out from the top of her head showing that she likes someone.

Track 2

Champion Chase 1: Bomb comes in on the Big Bang but then blows up launching him into the air and back the ground which stunned him and broke his kart.

Champion Chase 3: Bomb is crying like a sour loser and is about to explode but his tears put out the fuse.

Rocky Road

Track 1

Champion Chase 1: The Blues try to take a bite off the cake but falls on the Tri-Toaster and drives away downhill.

Champion Chase 3: The Blues jump out of their karts angry but then changes into a crazy mood.

Track 2

Champion Chase 1: King Pig rides the Royal Rumbler to the cake, but Chronicler Pig shows a certificate making King Pig mad then he pushes his kart downhill.

Champion Chase 3: King Pig cries because his kart broke down, then a Minion Pig gives him what appears to be a pacifier.

Track 3

Champion Chase 1: Terence stopped near the finish line on the Beep-Beep, but because of his massive size, he blocked the road, making it impossible for anyone to go through making a long line of Minion Pigs.

Champion Chase 3: Terence moved closer and closer to the camera until he blocks the camera with his body.


Track 1

Champion Chase 1: Bubbles came uphill on the Rapid Rider, then two Minion Pigs came to bully him but he inflates and pushes the Minion Pigs.

Champion Chase 3: Bubbles holds a balloon that is bigger than him, but when the balloon got bigger, he inflates himself making him bigger than the balloon.

Track 2

Champion Chase 1: Matilda tries to keep herself in peace but then she got enraged and steam came out and went really fast past two Minion Pigs.

Champion Chase 3: Matilda (with lipstick) fell in love with the player and kissed the camera leaving a kiss spot which seemed to blur the image.

Track 3

Champion Chase 1: Foreman Pig came on the Green Baron and threw some bombs into the air.

Champion Chase 3: Foreman Pig holds a TMT dynamite and threw it into the air showing that he gave up on them.


Track 1

Champion Chase 1: Hal came on the Shoemerang and two Minion Pigs try to bully him, but he then spins and creates a tornado launching the Minion Pigs behind him.

Champion Chase 3: Hal is spinning out of control and then a wheel fell on his head stopping him and the tornado.

Track 2

Champion Chase 1: Corporal Pig was on the Dragster Snout, and his helmet flew up and comes back down as a big helmet and then crushes Corporal Pig.

Champion Chase 3: Corporal Pig's helmet changes back to normal size(with a hole in it) then his teeth fell off.

Track 3

Champion Chase 1: Chuck went in Super Chuck mode and went on the Wall-Magnet, but he drove very fast backwards.

Champion Chase 3: Chuck flew off his kart, then he dropped on the ground, and then he cried.

Cutscenes in Angry Birds Epic

Some of the cutscenes appear to be continuing on the Angry Birds Epic world map.


King Pig orders Prince Porky and WizPig to get the eggs. They manage to sneak into Red's camp and attempt to steal the eggs. The cutscene continues on the world map when the pigs attack Red's Camp and steal the Golden Pig Machine, Magic Anvil, Magic Cauldron, and then they imprison Chuck.

First Egg:

Prince Porky was knocked out, then Red and Chuck successfully retrieved the first egg. However, WizPig appears to be with the four remaining eggs.

Second Egg:

The birds successfully retrieve the second egg, and WizPig flies out of the castle, however Prince Porky acts very confused and falls out of the Desert Pig Castle.

Third Egg:

WizPig was knocked out, and the birds successfully retrieve the third egg. WizPig flies out of the Star Reef Castle, not noticing he has dropped the Blue Pig Key.

Fourth Egg:

With WizPig and Prince Porky scared, the birds look at the fourth egg, meaning that they successfully retrieved the fourth egg. WizPig and Prince Porky fly out of the Mountain Pig Castle, then Red shouts at them.

Defeat of King Pig:

The birds successfully retrieve the fifth egg, BUT WizPig steals the fifth egg again and King Pig's crown, then flies out of King Pig's Castle through a portal. The cutscene continues on the world map when he summoned the stronger versions of the Elemental Pigs to protect WizPig's castle with a magic shield.

Fifth Egg and King Pig's Crown (Ending):

Finally, the birds successfully retrieve the fifth egg once more, and also retrieve King Pig's crown with the help of Prince Porky. Red now befriends Prince Porky, then he raises King Pig's crown. "The End" now appears. The cutscene continues once more on the world map with Red and Prince Porky flying back to King Pig's Castle, then giving the crown back to King Pig, then the birds cheer at the fifth egg.

Angry Birds Stella

The beginning: Gale and her minions are ready to steal Stella's stuff, so she kicks a Minion Pig off of her airship and he steals Stella's trekking gear. Stella is very angry about this.

Wall of Pigs Introduction: Gale realizes that Stella's been beating up all of the pigs. Handsome Pig summons some Minion Pigs in armor.

End of Branch Out: Stella and Friends are having fun with the Sunflower, but Gale realizes that there is a Golden Pearl at the beach. The Airship leaves, but the birds manage to follow her.

Beach Day Introduction: The Minion Pigs are catching clams and putting them in a cage. Stella and her friends come to the rescue.

End of Beach Day: Gale and Handsome Pig take the Golden Peal into a cave. In the cave, Gale pushes Handsome Pig on a minecart. Meanwhile, Stella and friends enter the cave.

Angry Birds Trilogy

They are the same as classic, expect that they had some diffrences and it's animated.

Episode 1: Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs 1-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay, notice that the eggs are gone, suddenly, under the mount, they see the pigs with a frying pan, the Foreman Pig uses a magnifying glass to burn the eggs, and Corporal Pig blows at the smoke, and that King Pig is ready to eat.

Poached Eggs 2-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay defeat the Corporal Pig, by that Red smashes him many times, but a Minion Pig and Foreman Pig were laughing shortly, and the birds continue pursing the pigs.

Poached Eggs 3-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay defeat the Foreman Pig, by that Red smashes him many times, again, but a Minion Pig and King Pig were going to their castle, the Minion Pig was laughing shortly, also the king, and the birds continue pursing the King Pig.

Poached Eggs 3-21 - Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Blue Jay saved the eggs from the pigs, and they beat up King Pig, with his crown broken, blackened eyes, but then, the King's eye looks at the fourth wall.

Episode 2: Mighty Hoax

Mighty Hoax 4-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay, notice that the eggs are gone, but the Bad Piggies replaced the real eggs with cardboard eggs! But suddenly, Chuck sees that there's a King Pig cardboard too!

Mighty Hoax 5-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay destroys the King Pig cardboard, when Red smashes it many times, but suddenly, the pigs were hiding behind a cardboard bush!

Mighty Hoax 5-21 - Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Blue Jay saved the eggs from the pigs, and Bomb can be seen crushing King Pig with the cardboard bush from the previous cutscene.

Episode 3: Danger Above

Danger Above 6-1 - Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blue Jay find the eggs missing, and that King Pig, Foreman Pig and Corporal Pig are flying away with them in a raft with 4 balloons, and the eggs are held in a pot under the raft.

Danger Above 6-15 - The birds have defeated Corporal Pig, while King Pig and Foreman Pig continue to fly away in their raft, which now has 3 balloons due to Corporal Pig taking one of the balloons with him.

Danger Above 7-15 - The birds have defeated Foreman Pig, and only King Pig is left on the raft with 2 balloons, due to Foreman Pig taking one of the balloons with him.

Danger Above 8-15 - The eggs are saved again, and Bomb is holding King Pig by a rope, while the latter is inflated like a balloon.

Episode 4: The Big Setup

The Big Setup 9-1 - The eggs are missing once again, but now so are the birds! The pigs have kidnapped the birds and put them in a cage, laughing at them the whole time, but then notice Terence watching them from a nearby cliff, and he isn't happy.

The Big Setup 9-15 - Terence has defeated Corporal Pig, while King Pig, Minion Pig and Foreman Pig retreat with the eggs and birds.

The Big Setup 10-15 - Terence has defeated Foreman Pig, while King and Minion Pig continue to retreat.

The Big Setup 11-15 - Terence has saved the eggs, freed the flock, defeated King Pig, placed him in a broken cage and shoved a large block of wood into his mouth.

Episode 5: Ham 'Em High

Ham 'Em High 12-1 - The eggs are missing, and the birds catch King Pig dragging them towards him off-screen with a lasso after Minion Pig grabbed the eggs for him.

Ham 'Em High 12-15 - The birds have defeated Corporal Pig, while Minion Pig, Foreman Pig and King Pig retreat with the eggs in tow.

Ham 'Em High 13-15 - The birds have defeated Foreman Pig, and only King Pig is left retreating with the eggs in tow.

Ham 'Em High 14-15 - The birds have saved the eggs, and tied up King Pig with his own lasso, and start to squeeze him with it.

Episode 6: Mine and Dine

Mine and Dine 15-1 - The birds find that not only have their eggs been stolen again, but there is also a hole where their nest normally is. The camera then pans down and shows that Minion Pig and King Pig have dug a tunnel under the nest, and that's how they stole the eggs.

Mine and Dine 15-15 - The birds have defeated Corporal Pig, while King Pig chucks the eggs down another tunnel that he dug, and jumps in after them.

Mine and Dine 16-15 - The birds have defeated Foreman Pig, and only King Pig is left, retreating into the cave with the eggs, and Minion Pig following him.

Mine and Dine 17-15 - The birds have saved the eggs and defeated King Pig, who simply lies down in defeat, and coughs up a few chunks of rock.

Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Evolution

The game haves various cutscenes but there are some that are bigger and special

Start: Shirley and Patrick are happily walking on Bird Town but a rock starts shaking,Shirley gets scared and runs away of a pig stampede, revealing that they stole the eggs. Shirley tells Chuck that the eggs were stolen.

Chapter 16-7:Don Bacon gets angry as Rocky (Bacon Head Prototype) was defeated and talks with Patsy about the BaconHeadz,then a scene shows a pig being affected by the Bacon Juice effects and then a bunch of Baconheadz.


Angry Birds in Ultrabook™ Adventure

  • The Beginning Cutscene: It is seen after clicking on "Play" on the main screen in Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure. Red, Chuck, and Matilda (Red Bird, Yellow Bird, and White Bird) are facing face-to-face with two Bad Piggies, who have taken their eggs. Then,  the Bad Piggies escaped with the Eggs into the cybernetic world of the Ultrabook Laptop, changing themselves into the Cyber Bad Piggies. The Birds then plan to enter the cybernetic Ultrabook world, defeat the Cyber Bad Piggy Army, and rescue their eggs once more.
  • The Ending Cutscene (1-10 on Ultrabook Adventure): The Birds are reunited with their eggs and a King Cyber Pig and Corporal Cyber Pig were seen defeated.

Angry Birds Friends Halloween Tournament

  • The Beginning Cutscene (Level 1): The Orange Bird tells the Blue Birds a campfire story of Zombie Pigs rising from their graves after the birds defeated them.
  • The Ending Cutscene (Level 6): After the story, the Orange Bird and the Blue Birds notice a pig-like silhouette and run away, fearing that it was the monster pig (Fat Zompig) from the last level of the tournament. It turned out to be just the Big Brother Bird wearing pig ears and a snout.
  • 23rd October 2013 Cutscene (Level 1):The Blues and Bubbles pass by a group of pigs telling scary stories,when Bubbles noticed a lollipop at one of the piggies' backpack,he jumps to it,unknowingly dropping a mysterious statue that breaks and turns the piggies into zombie pigs in an instant,while Bubbles go away seems to be looking back

Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournament

  • Bomb dressed as Santa gives the birds gifts and the pigs steal their eggs. The birds get angry and pursue them.
  • The pigs have made an ice cannon after Red hit the cannon and the pigs fall (after the pigs are in the top).
  • The pigs try to ride away on a sleigh but it wouldn't move. Chuck tries to hit them but hits the sleigh and the pigs get away. Bomb gets angry at him.
  • The birds saw the pigs and the Blues rolled a snowball onto the pigs and it crashed onto them.
  • Bomb delivers TNT bombs as a gift for the pigs who are about to eat the eggs. The bombs explode and the pigs are defeated. Bomb and the birds all manage to retrieve their eggs.


  • The cutscenes are styled like a comic in Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Angry Birds Go!, the Angry Birds Friends version of Surf and Turf and Pigini Beach, and Angry Birds Epic.
  • In Angry Birds Trilogy, the cutscenes are animated.
  • In the original game, most of the cutscenes at the end of each episode show the Birds' victory and success in retrieving the eggs. The King opens one of his eyes/both eyes, looks at the birds, looks back at the player and oinks while winking. However, he doesn't do this in the animated cutscenes of Angry Birds Trilogy.
  • Before the major upgrade (The Birdday Cake update) on Angry Birds, exclusive to Angry Birds (Google Chrome), all the cutscenes used the original sprites/designs for the Birds and the Pigs, and made Chuck the size of a Jay, Jake and Jim  and had his eyes, tail feathers, and head feathers of Red , until the 2.00.00 update changed the cutscenes and fixed Chuck's appearance which made him his normal size and had his normal eyes, tail feathers, and head feathers. Also, the Poached Eggs ending cutscene was different as well.
    • However, the original Big Setup cutscene showed Chuck in his game sprite, with tall body and black feathers. Why this occurred is unknown.
  • All of the episodes in Angry Birds Seasons don't have beginning cutscenes, but Trick or Treat originally had one since it was the first planned episode.
  • Apparently,the events of the Night of the Living Pork happened after the 2013 Halloween Tournament. 
  • In the after tutorial cutscenes, Mechanic Pig tries to help Red which kart shows that the Birds and Minion Pigs can get along in his special kart showroom in Angry Birds Go!.
  • The Bad Piggies ending cutscenes for When Pigs Fly and Flight in the Night show that The Blues  are excellent at pranking, as seen in their biography on the Angry Birds website.


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