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ABMovie Cyrus.png
Cyrus' official design
Gender Male
Species Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa)
Size Medium
Abilities Unknown
Strength Weak
First appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Voiced by Tony Hale

''Good morning, judge! Ready to balance the scales of justice?''

Cyrus, Angry Birds: Flight School Issue 2 (Swift Justice story)

Cyrus is a supporting character in The Angry Birds Movie and is shown to suffer terrible allergies and sneezing fits. He often forgets to cover his beak, much to the annoyance of many, including Red. He is look like with Matilda.

Having one of the worst jobs on the island to boot, Cyrus makes his living "hidden" under a robe as Judge Peckinpah's perch. This makes the Judge about twice as tall, despite the fact that everyone on Bird Island is well aware of his true size. Almost never speaking, he always sneezes. 



Cyrus is a stout bird with light grey feathers, tan spots on his belly, and beige circles around his eyes. His fringe and tail feathers are only dark purplish-grey. He has black eyebrows, and even his beak and legs are orange-yellow. 

Cyrus tends to slouch, partially due to his daily duty as owl-perch and partially due to his eternal allergies. He almost always appears fatigued, with two droopy eyelids.


He is clumsy and sneezy, his sneezes often hit other birds and dirt them, making them angry. But he is also carefree and happy, ready to do his job.



  • He is voiced by Tony Hale, who was also the voice actor behind the Mime and Ross.
  • His movie design resembles Matilda's classic game sprite more than Matilda's movie design does.

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