Template:Infobox character sandboxthe Daft Piggies are two medium Pigs who wear helmets for Party, They don't speak or have voices in the Movie.


The Angry Birds Movie

Daft Piggies are some of the most famous DJs in pigs. They, along with Leonard and the rest of the pigs, arrive at the Bird Island, where they get acquainted with the birds and even arrange a performance for them. Later, Daft Piggies, along with the rest of the pigs involved in the huge theft of bird eggs, and then sail back on the ship. During the final credits, after the destruction of Svinograd, they were carried on the stretcher of the Chef, after which all three of them, like all the other characters of the film, rush to dance to the song "I Will Survive".


Outwardly, Daft Piggies are no different from ordinary pig minions, except for the emerald green helmets put on their heads. One of the pigs wears a helmet with a long horizontal visor, being a parody and an allusion to Thomas Bangalter, and the second, with a wide vertical, parodying Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo.

Concept Art

In Real Life

They were based off Daft Punk, a french musical duo that are famous for using metal masks in their shows and making electronic music. They were based on them because it fits their electronic music talent, which the pigs also have. The music that they player was made by Steve Aoki.


  • They are obviously a parody of Daft Punk .
  • The scene on which Daft Piggy performed in the film, strongly resembles its analog from the concert "Alive 2007" Daft Punk in the real world.
  • As shown in the trailers and other related media, one helmet was supposed to be gold and the other silver. However, in the actual film, they both have emerald-colored helmets. It is unknown why this was done.


The Angry Birds Movie

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