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"You won't know what hit you"
Dahlia, Unknown
"I'm the geek who gets the pigs. 'Nuff said."
Dahlia, Unknown

Dahlia is a tan and brown Bird that appears in Angry Birds Stella. This Bird is a main character in the game and was introduced in February 2014; being part of Stella's flock. She is the 5th and final bird introduced, as well as the strongest one.


Dahlia's crest consists of nothing more than two large feathers, which she sometimes uses to dance in the Angry Birds Stella animated series and in idle animations of the game. She has brown plumage that becomes paler around her eyes, and white at her belly. She is of a tough, stocky build with three black tail feathers. She has dark orange pupils, two thick eyebrows that float above her face, one thick eyelash on each eye, and a curved yellow beak that is very short, typical for her species. In the animated series, she has three dark brown spots that can only be seen from behind.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Dahlia also has a moderate wingspan and average-length, slender, scaly legs that match the color of her beak.


She is the motherly figure of the Stella Flock and is one who expects no-nonsense from the others. She is very smart, also symbolized by her species: owls in many cultures represent wisdom.

She enjoys fixing and building things, as in the cover art she is shown to be holding a telescope she (by assumption) fixed or put together. She loves fun, being adventurous, and being creative, just like her friends.

She is easily manipulated (Camp Scary), but also knows how to manipulate others. (Pig Power) She is extremely intelligent and resourceful but doesn't always know what other people want.

Stella Super Interactive Annual Book Description


Dahlia is a super smart science guru! She's always doing explosive experiments to create new species of flowers and plants. She's come up with some really wacky ideas!

Dahlia gets pretty angry if anyone disturbs her experiments. She also gets frustrated when her test results don't work out as planned. But do you know what? She will keep trying until she gets that breakthrough! After all, no one said being a genius would be that easy!

LOVES: Science, Experiments.

FAVORITE MODES OF TRANSPORT: Backpack chopter... as soon as she actually invents it!


Game appearances

Angry Birds Stella

Dahlia's debut was in Angry Birds Stella as the "fifth" and last bird to be unlocked at her house. As with most levels, after you unlock her, you get the de facto photo in the scrapbook, and later throughout the game, you get her other "forms." Her ability which is called "Science-Fu" is a neat ability, but also tricky to master at first. The key here is to remember that she will teleport in the direction she is headed. Tap and hold and then release when she's where the player wants her.

She regularly appears after her debut chapter.

Angry Birds POP!

Dahlia used to be permanently playable in the "Piggy in the Middle" when the game was called Angry Birds Stella POP!, until her removal in the Autumn Orchard update and available to play as a guest star for a limited time stated. Her ability is Science Pop which can clear blocks in a column.

Media appearances

ABGO MechanicPig2
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Angry Birds Stella

The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie 2



Stella is one of Dahlia's best friends. Throughout the animated series, Dahlia is concerned and looking out for her well-being, such as helping in the attempt to get rid of her fear of flying in Own The Sky. She is sort of a motherly-figure to her but doesn't expect nonsense from her as she attempts to ignore her when Stella comes in her lab in the very same episode.


Poppy is one of Dahlia's best friends. While she gets irritated by Poppy's constant jokes and pranks, they are still good friends. Dahlia once attempts to cheer Poppy up by making an entirely new drum set for her.


Dahlia sees Luca as a son/younger brother, as she is part of the attempt to bathe him and attempts to get him to sleep. She, along with her friends, instantly freak out when they realize Luca is not in his room and search all around for him.


While their relationship isn't explored as much, it is assumed that they are very good friends as they are seen next to each other multiple times in the series, talking and laughing.


Gale is one of Dahlia's former best friends, “former” due to Gale ditching her friends for power over the pigs. She seems to be more afraid of Gale, as she hides from her and the pigs when they are doing construction near the tree.


Coming soon


Coming soon


  • Dahlia has two spots on the opposite side of her face, similar to Terence.
  • Dahlia is musically talented with a guitar.
  • Although in the game the outline outside her eye is visible even if her eyebrow covers it, in her plush model and some promotional art, it gets cut off by her eyebrow.
  • Dahlia was shown that she is an owl.
  • Dahlia is one of the three characters to have a name based on a plant, the others being Poppy and Willow.
  • Her shape resembles a high voltage traveling arc.
  • While Dahlia was initially portrayed as a science whiz, The Angry Birds Movie 2 appears to contradict this trait when she appears to have fallen asleep during Silver's presentation of her super string invention at Avian Academy, implying that she is uninterested in it.
  • Dahlia is alleged to have said "snooze alert" in the second film, which is the only thing she ever said in either film.
  • She is like the Bomb of the Stella Flock, as her shape is based off an object, has brownish like colors, Bomb used her ability in previous versions of Angry Birds POP, she has an explosive ability, stick-like hair with end tips, light spots on her eyes, similar beak, shy personality and both are smart.


For the gallery, see Dahlia/Gallery.

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