This is the theme where the Boomerang Bird first appears as a playable character. It features three Boomerang birds and 5 pigs. It is an one of the easiest levels in Angry Birds. The structure pieces are made of wood wholly.

File:Danger Above - Level 6-5 - Three Stars Angry Birds

This level consists three Boomerang Birds and five Medium Pigs, but with three sheltered. You must defeat all of the pigs in one go and you will recieve three stars which is usually approximately 70000 points or with 20000 points below or above. You can learn how to complete this level by watching the video above.

Information and contents

Danger Above 6-5
Image Not Avalible (New)
Episode Danger Above
Level Number 110
Birds Sequence Boomerang Bird x3
No. of Pigs Medium Pig x5
3-star Score 70,000
Previous Next
Theme 6-4 Theme 6-6

Con-bird-ulations for getting the new Boomerang Bird. It spins when airborne and changes into the opposite direction for alternative damage.

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