Template:SpaceLeveltabs Template:Theme Infobox Danger Zone D-12 is the twelfth level in Danger Zone. The objective of level D-12 is to use the birds to eliminate all the pigs. Get at least 94,000 points for 3 stars.


  • Getting 3 stars is extremely hard.
  • 5 Gravitational fields can make this level confusion.
  • Entire level depends a massive amount of luck. Means you have to very lucky to three stars.


Send the Blue Bird so it just barely gets caught in the first gravitational field. Split as soon as it starts to curve and you should set off a wave of explosions via the TNT. Be patient and let the level destroy much of its debris. If necessary, use Terence an an intergalactic wrecking ball to clear any stubborn pigs.



Angry Birds Space Danger Zone Level 12 Walkthrough 3 Star


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