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Death Star is the second episode of Angry Birds Star Wars, while the previous is Tatooine and its next level is Hoth. Like its predecessor, this episode also contains 40 levels from level 2–1 to 2-40.

This is the first episode that presents Lard Vader as the mini-boss and main boss.

The Death Star was a battle station built and owned by the Pig Empire that boasted a superweapon known as the superlaser, which possessed the ability to destroy an entire planet or moon. It severely damaged the desert moon Jedha of the gas giant planet NaJedha and the oceanic planet Scarif, and it completely destroyed the planet Alderaan and was going to destroy the moon Yavin 4 and the planets Chandrila and Mon Cala, but the station was destroyed by Luke Skywalker by shooting into its exhaust ports at the Battle of Yavin before it could destroy Yavin 4, saving not only Yavin 4 from destruction, but also Chandrila and Mon Cala.


Level 2-1: The Blue Birds (Rebel Pilots) come to assist the Birds.

Level 2-11: The Millennium Falcon flies into the Death Star.

Level 2-25: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader engage in a lightsaber duel, thereby upgrading his force.

Level 2-40: The Birds find the nasal core and blast it to destroy the Death Star.

New Things[]


  • Rebel Pilot Birds (Blue Squadron)
  • Chewbacca Bird (Terebacca)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi's force upgraded (Obi-Wan Kaboomi)

Pig debuts[]

  • Death Star Storm Pigtrooper Pigs (Stormtrooper)
  • Imperial Officer Pig (Imperial Officer Pig)
  • Grand Moff Tarkin Pig (Grand Moff Tarkin)
  • Lard Vader (Mid-Boss at 2-25) (Darth Vader)
  • TIE Vader (Boss at level 2-40) (TIE Vader)


Death Star contains 40 levels.

Theme Birds Pigs 3 stars score Notes
Death Star 2-1 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x3 50,000 Introduction to Blue Squadron.
Death Star 2-2 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x5 52,000
Death Star 2-3 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x2 TIE Fighter x1
Death Star Trooper x4
66,000 Introduction to Death Star Trooper.
Death Star 2-4 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x5 TIE Fighter x1
Death Star Trooper x1
Death Star 2-5 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x16 106,000
Death Star 2-6 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan Kaboomi Stormtrooper x3 Death Star Trooper x4 60,000
Death Star 2-7 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan Kaboomi Stormtrooper x5 53,000
Death Star 2-8 Red SkywalkerBlue SquadronBlue SquadronRed Skywalker Death Star Trooper x4 53,000
Death Star 2-9 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x6 TIE Fighter x1 69,000
Death Star 2-10 Chuck "Ham" SoloRed SkywalkerRed Skywalker TIE Fighter x1 Death Star Trooper x6 62,000
Death Star 2-11 TerebaccaTerebaccaTerebacca Stormtrooper x4 Death Star Trooper x3 77,000 Introduction to Terebacca.
Death Star 2-12 TerebaccaChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" Solo Stormtrooper x4 Death Star Trooper x3 86,000
Death Star 2-13 TerebaccaTerebaccaTerebacca Imperial Officer Pig x4 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 66,000 Introduction to Imperial Officer Pig and Grand Moff Tarkin.
Death Star 2-14 Chuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" Solo Stormtrooper x10 Death Star Trooper x7 118,000
Death Star 2-15 Blue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Death Star Trooper x3 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 59,000
Death Star 2-16 Chuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" Solo Death Star Trooper x6 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 62,000
Death Star 2-17 Chuck "Ham" SoloObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan Kaboomi Death Star Trooper x3 Imperial Officer Pig x7 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 84,000
Death Star 2-18 Chuck "Ham" SoloObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan Kaboomi Death Star Trooper x3 Imperial Officer Pig x3 66,000
Death Star 2-19 TerebaccaRed SkywalkerBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x3 Death Star Trooper x2 Imperial Officer Pig x2 105,000
Death Star 2-20 Chuck "Ham" SoloRed SkywalkerChuck "Ham" SoloRed SkywalkerRed Skywalker Death Star Trooper x7 67,000
Death Star 2-21 Chuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" Solo Death Star Trooper x2 Imperial Officer Pig x6 93,000
Death Star 2-22 Red SkywalkerChuck "Ham" SoloBlue SquadronBlue Squadron Stormtrooper x4 Death Star Trooper x4 87,000
Death Star 2-23 Blue SquadronChuck "Ham" SoloRed SkywalkerChuck "Ham" Solo Imperial Officer Pig x4 72,000
Death Star 2-24 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiChuck "Ham" Solo Stormtrooper x1 Death Star Trooper x6 Imperial Officer Pig x4
Grand Moff Tarkin x1
Death Star 2-25 Red SkywalkerTerebaccaObi-Wan KaboomiBlue SquadronChuck "Ham" Solo Boss
Darth Vader
Minor Boss
Stormtrooper x6 Death Star Trooper x2 
115,000 Second boss level.
Death Star 2-26 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiChuck "Ham" SoloBlue Squadron Death Star Trooper x5 Imperial Officer Pig x4 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 88,000 After you play this level, Obi-Wan gets double power to push, despite him having died in the movie after fighting with Darth Vader.
Death Star 2-27 Obi-Wan KaboomiRed SkywalkerChuck "Ham" Solo Stormtrooper x5 Death Star Trooper x2 Imperial Officer Pig x2
Grand Moff Tarkin x1
Death Star 2-28 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiChuck "Ham" Solo Imperial Officer Pig x9 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 77,000
Death Star 2-29 Chuck "Ham" SoloRed SkywalkerBlue Squadron Death Star Trooper x3 Imperial Officer Pig x6 72,000
Death Star 2-30 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan Kaboomi Death Star Trooper x4 Imperial Officer Pig x3 71,000
Death Star 2-31 Chuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" SoloChuck "Ham" Solo Death Star Trooper x5 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 55,000
Death Star 2-32 TerebaccaChuck "Ham" SoloRed Skywalker Death Star Trooper x4 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 55,000 One of the five levels that Jetpack of Boba Fett Missions located.
Death Star 2-33 Chuck "Ham" SoloTerebaccaChuck "Ham" SoloTerebacca Stormtrooper x9 82,000
Death Star 2-34 Red SkywalkerBlue SquadronRed SkywalkerRed Skywalker TIE Fighter x2 Death Star Trooper x7 63,000
Death Star 2-35 Chuck "Ham" SoloTerebaccaRed SkywalkerRed Skywalker Stormtrooper x2 TIE Fighter x2
Death Star Trooper x4 Imperial Officer Pig x6
Death Star 2-36 TerebaccaTerebaccaObi-Wan KaboomiTerebacca Imperial Officer Pig x8 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 82,000
Death Star 2-37 Chuck "Ham" SoloBlue SquadronChuck "Ham" SoloRed Skywalker Stormtrooper x4 TIE Fighter x4 67,000
Death Star 2-38 TerebaccaObi-Wan KaboomiRed SkywalkerObi-Wan Kaboomi Stormtrooper x1 TIE Fighter x4 47,000
Death Star 2-39 Obi-Wan KaboomiObi-Wan KaboomiRed SkywalkerChuck "Ham" Solo Stormtrooper x1 TIE Fighter x8
Grand Moff Tarkin x1
Death Star 2-40 Red SkywalkerObi-Wan KaboomiTerebaccaChuck "Ham" SoloBlue Squadron Boss
TIE Vader
Minor Boss
Imperial Officer Pig x1 Grand Moff Tarkin x1 TIE Fighter x5
75,000 Third Boss level. This is the first boss level which is The Imperial March played.


Level 2-25: Vader levitate some blocks and pigs with his power. You have to defeat Darth Vader and all minor bosses within five birds to win.

Level 2-40: Darth Vader rides his TIE Fighter. You have to destroy his TIE Fighter and all minor bosses (the other TIE Fighters and pigs) to complete the level.

In Star Wars[]

In Episode IV: A New Hope, the Death Star served as a space station of the evil Galactic Empire. It was a spherical structure that resembled a moon, and functioned like one. It had the ability to control its gravity and inertia, allowing it orbit any planet at will, or remain stationary. It also held a large cannon located at a "crater"-like intrusion that could easily destroy planets. It was eventually destroyed by Luke Skywalker when the Rebel army attacked.

The Death Star would eventually be rebuilt in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. During the events of the story, it was still under construction. However, to prevent the Rebel Army from interfering again, the second Death Star was protected by an impenetrable shield on the nearby forest moon of Endor. This version retains a fully functional crater-like cannon, even while being under construction. Even with all of these new defense systems, the Rebels were still able to destroy it.


  • Sometimes, the Death Star can be also called the "Pig Station" in some text on the boxes of merchandise.
  • The first 20 levels have been updated in the Facebook game of Angry Birds Star Wars on February 25, 2013, and the other levels came on April 2, 2013.
  • In the Angry Birds Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Death Star is called the Pig Star. It seems to be the Star Wars counterpart of the Pig City.
  • Deathstar has a nickname "猪头星" in Chinese Angry Birds community.



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