Death Star 2
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Episode number 7
Levels 32
New features Pigs: Modern TIE Fighter
Pigtroooper 3 Emperor front copy
Released December 17, 2013
Game(s) Star wars
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Moon Of Endor N/A

Death Star 2 is the 7th and final episode of Angry Birds Star Wars. It is based on Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader will be unmasked in the end. After the final battle, Vader dies.

This episode is not available on PC version because Rovio announced to discontinue all PC games.


  • Lando - Level 7-1
  • Rebel Pilots - Level 7-10
  • Darth Vader (unlimited) - Level 7-32


  • New TIE Fighter - Level 7-1
  • TIE Fighter Pilot - Level 7-1
  • Emperor Palpatine - Level 7-32



  • The Rovio logo makes a cameo appearance on the ending cutscene for this episode.
  • Emperor Palpatine makes a cartoon whirling sound when he spins his chair in the final battle.
  • Yoda does not appear in any levels of this episode.
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