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Death Star 2
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Moon Of Endor

Death Star 2 is the sixth and final episode of Angry Birds Star Wars. Darth Vader will be unmasked in the end. After the final battle, Anakin dies.

The damaged appears in the first background and when the birds enter it, it's set in the center, where Darth Vader will be found.

Destroying the Star Destroyer in Level 6-15 will give the Death Star Attack reward and then beating all levels will finish the game.

Birds and Upgrades

  • Lando's power upgraded (6-1)
  • Darth Vader (unlimited) - Level 6-30


  • New TIE Fighter - Level 6-1
  • TIE Fighter Pilot - Level 6-1
  • Emperor Palpatine - Level 6-30



  • The Rovio logo makes a cameo appearance on the ending cutscene for this episode.
  • Emperor Palpatine makes a cartoon whirling sound when he spins his chair in the final battle.

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