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Death Star 2-3 (Angry Birds Star Wars)
Episode Death Star
Level 43
Order of Birds PilotPilotPilot
No.of Pigs Storm pig x2 TIE Fighter x1 DEATHSTARTROOPER x4
Target Score: ThreeStars (Transparent): 66,000 points
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Death Star 2-2 Death Star 2-4

Death Star 2-3 is the 3rd level of the Death Star episode in Angry Birds Star Wars.


This level is hard to get three stars because:

  • Some pigs are pesky. It's very hard to kill all pigs in one shot without upgrades or power-ups.
  • Target score is very high.
  • This level is depend massive amount of luck.


Send a rebel bird north around the first planet. Split so that one bird will push the TIE Fighter into the gravitational field. Between the split birds and the explosion, all pigs can be cleared but it's easier said than done, there are some pesky pigs in this level.


This is the first appearance of Death Star Trooper Pigs in Angry Birds Star Wars.

Video Walkthrough

See Video Walkthrough.

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