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Death Star 2 6-11 is the eleventh level of Death Star 2. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 77,000 points. This level is one of the hardest level in the game.


  • This level is almost impossible to get three stars without plenty of power-ups.
  • All pigs in this level are extremely tricky in this level.
  • Laser blasts from blaster guns are extremely annoying.
  • This level needs a massive lucky to pass, but usually with only one stars. Two and three stars are insanely hard to get.
  • This should one of the hardest level in the game!


Send the Rebel Pilot up towards the fringe of the top atmosphere, splitting early so one pilot hits the top floating pig. One of the remaining pilot should hit the vertical beam of ice holding up the cannon, causing it to fall and send lasers bouncing off the metal walls.[1]


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