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Death Star 2 6-29 is the twenty-ninth level of Death Star 2. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 160,000 points.


  • With very high target score, it's quite difficult to achieve.
  • Chains which attached the upper structure may be tricky to play.
  • Iron planks also tricky, too.


Strategy 1

  • Destroy all wood planks which support the upper structure
  • Cut both chains with the second Han's laser.
  • The upper structure will shoot the Vader and the rightmost pig. Clearing the level.

Strategy 2

  • Shoot the two red dots and the rightmost pig with the first Han's laser.
  • Cut the chain with the second Han's laser.
  • This should cause the upper structure collapses to the ground.


See Video Walkthrough