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Template:Star Wars Theme InfoboxDeath Star 2 6-30 is the final level of Death Star 2. To pass this level with three stars, you should defeat Darth Sidious and score at least 57,000 points.


  • Palpatine's Lightning can be tricky to defeat him. You can disable it by bring some blocks to him until all red lights will be off.
  • An item can pass the Lightining but it requires massive amount of luck. (not recommended)


  • Hurt Palpatine as quickly as possible.
  • Use as least birds as possible.
  • If you want to get 3 stars, you should use not more than five birds and use Vader as many times as possible.
  • When Palpatine is nearly defeated, you'll receive Darth Vader to use unlimited times. Use Vader to damage the level as much as possible.
  • Finally, use Vader to defeat Palpatine and complete the game.


  • This is the final level in Angry Birds Star Wars.
  • You can use Darth Vader unlimited time in this level when you damage Palpatine enough.
  • This is the only boss levels in Angry Birds Star Wars that you earn 10,000 points for finishing boss.
  • The music is stop playing when Darth Vader is your side. If you replay this level in this session, the music won't be played.
  • If Vader jumps on the Slingshot while other bird is jumping on the slingshot in the same time, there will be two birds on the slingshot at once. Trying to shoot the bird from Slingshot will crash the game.(To perform this player needs to quickly launch a bird while Palpatine is already defeated, before that bird jumps out of slingshot to make place for Vader.)


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