Dedsw1n3 a special bird from  Angry Birds Evolution . Can only be obtained as part of a special Flockaballoza event . Belongs to the group of mediem birds .


The character is a whitish-gray thin bird. The tail consists of several long black feathers bent down. The wide wings are slightly apart, the pointed “fingers” are clearly visible. The legs are also quite thin, feathered, the feet themselves are bare, orange, claws are not visible. Dressed in a gray rumpled T-shirt with elongated sleeves and an image of a pig minion in an original design (the figure is located in the center of the T-shirt). The bird’s head is not visible, as the character wears a very large mask in the form of a pig’s head. The mask itself is made of a large watermelon, there is a voluminous rounded patch with different-sized nostrils, there are white with green stripes eyes, symmetrically placed ears, as well as an opening for the mouth with three teeth on the upper jaw (there is a flesh of watermelon inside the mouth).

After evolution, the character’s gaze becomes angrier, the mask is remade into the mask of a Mustachioed Baron: red eyebrows and a mustache appear. Various accessories appear on the hands.

After the second evolution of Frankenstein, a purple T-shirt and a dirty brown jacket with a collar and white sleeves appear on it. There are several buttons on the jacket; the jacket is unfastened to the bottom. The head of the Mustachioed Baron is replaced by the head of Frankenstein of sluggish green color with a patch (nostrils are also different sizes), beveled black eyebrows, the number of stripes in the eyes has increased. There are black hair and two nails stuck in the head.

After the second evolution of the “Robot”, a white jumpsuit with black stripes and green straps with gold rhinestones appears on it. A kind of samurai sword appears behind. The mask is replaced by a trapezoidal iron. The bottom and parts of the upper part are painted black, a pattern appears in the form of jaws with sharp teeth, there are blue oval eyes. The patch is between the eyes and slightly raised up, painted in dark green, the nostrils are of different sizes. On the upper part there is a golden samurai jewelry.


A true legend of electronic music among birds, Dead SviN became famous for his unique talent for pressing the Play button in the application. He also has a cool mask. His latest hit, "Mixu Live", soared to the top of the Bacon FM chart, bringing the musician millions to further work.

Additional Abilities[2]

Leader's Bonus (“Nonstandard Standard”): SvN enhances the attack of all ordinary birds by 30%.

Super Shot  (Bass Boost) (available in 4 turns): the character unleashes a wave of deafening music on the pigs, inflicting a divine amount of damage and knocking them back.

Interesting Facts[3]

  • DedSw1n3 is a reference to the music artist Deadmau5


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