Demohogs TC.jpg
Episode number 25
Air Date March 1, 2016 (DVD) February 10, 2017 (Toons.TV and YouTube)
Written by Stefano Camelli
Directed by Eric Guaglione
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Ready Aim Play Swine Symphony

Demohogs is the twenty-fifth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description

A solution – although, a temporary one.


2 pigs try to place a flower pot by a random house, but a pillar is blocking the space. One of the pigs gets an idea. He pulls out a time bomb. After a transition, the pillar is seen with several wads of dynamite, TNT Crates and fireworks rockets around it. The first pig attaches the time bomb to the pillar, then tries to jump on a TNT plunger to detonate all the explosives, but the second pig pulls the plunger away, causing the first pig to land on the ground face-first. The second pig then places the plunger farther away from the explosives, so both of the pigs will be safe from the explosion. Now the first pig does push the plunger, which detonates the explosives, but the pillar doesn't even have the slightest damage. However, the fuse on one of the small fireworks rockets lights, and it goes off, triggering the other fireworks rockets, which all blast off and lift the pillar into the sky. The pigs, who are covered in smoke (since the rockets made smoke when they blasted off), go to where the pillar was, place the flower pot near the house and celebrate their victory. Unfortunately, they are crushed by the pillar, but the fourth wall breaks on them, and the credits roll before the pigs are shown getting crushed by the pillar.


  • The title is a pun on demolishers.
  • The intro was reused from Lunch Break.


None of the explosives were destroyed by the explosion.



Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work DemoHogs - S2 Ep25

Will there be a solution for me with a flower pot?

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