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"'No Bird Can Defeat Me!' No, seriously. Can't knock this guy down with any bird!"
Description, Angry Birds Epic

Demonic Wizpig is a transformation that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a state of Wizpig, achieved through the latter's own magic.


Demonic Wizpig is a much larger, demon-like transformation of Wizpig. He is an upside down triangle-shaped pig with red skin. The cloud he stands on is now dark gray-colored, and his tail has a triangle end. His eyes' colors have been reversed, with his sclera being black and his pupils white. Demonic Wizpig also wears a crimson-colored wizard hat that has white skulls printed on it.


Demonic Wizpig only appears in Angry Birds Epic as the final boss. At the end of the game, in a last attempt of stopping the Angry Birds for good, Wizpig used his own magic to turn himself into Demonic Wizpig. However, the birds, with the aid of Prince Porky, managed to defeat him.

Demonic Wizpig is the main enemy in the second wave of Wizpig's Castle. During the battle, he will summon Spirits to help him. Demonic Wizpig can perform the Black Magic, a move that, after a couple of turns, deals great damage to opponents; and the Consume Spirits, where he will consume the Spirits that are with him to heal himself. Unlike other enemies, Demonic Wizpig cannot be defeated by any bird, as his health will remain at 1, making Prince Porky the only one who can actually defeat him.

Powers and abilities

As Demonic Wizpig, Wizpig's already powerful abilities far surpass his normal ones. He can use his magic to summon Spirits and consume them to heal himself, in addition to being able to land a powerful strike on his enemies, though this move takes some time to be used. Demonic Wizpig is also so powerful that he cannot be defeated by any bird.


Despite his strength, Demonic Wizpig's attacks can be weakened by negative effects and Red's shield abilities on his allies. In addition, he is vulnerable to Prince Porky's attacks, to the point of being defeated by Porky. When he is defeated, Demonic Wizpig will turn back into Wizpig.



Demonic Wizpig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png {{{HP}}}


Black Magic

Charge: 3 turns. Deals {{{1}}} damage to all enemies.


Consume spirits

Consumes all spirit allies. Heals {{{2}}} health per consumed spirit. Currently reviving spirits only grant {{{3}}} health.



"No Bird Can Defeat Me!" No, seriously: you can't knock this guy out with any bird!

The second boss of Wizpig’s Castle. Only appears once the original Wizpig is defeated.
Note: Despite his Demonic passive, Mighty Eagle can still defeat him.


  • Despite his "Demonic" passive ability, Demonic Wizpig can be defeated by using Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish, though only in latter versions.
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