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Feed King Pig

Dessert Mode is a mode released in Bad Piggies when the 30 final levels of Rise and Swine released.



The Feed King Pig mode is unlocked after the player plays a level of Rise and Swine. The player can then access it by clicking the round button on the bottom of the screen.

Dessert Mode


In the mode, the player is in King Pig's castle and needs to drag a dessert and drop a dessert on King Pig, making him eat it and fill one level. If the player throws a dessert far from King Pig, he will be scared. King Pig can grow to 7 levels and in the last one he can burp trash. He may burp a reward if he is fed to a certain level.


The player can find desserts on any story level of the game. They are scattered through the episodes and may be more than one for each level, the player can obtain it by making Ross's vehicle touch it. Desserts can also be obtained by opening Hidden Loot Crates and in the Level Up Roster. The desserts are the following:

  • Small Strawberry Cake
  • Small Cream Filled Dessert
  • Three Ball Ice Cream
  • Brown Cake Piece
  • Full Cake
  • Golden Cake

All the first five of these will fill King Pig one level, and may make him burp a reward. If he is fed on the full level (or he does not grow), he will burp something useless, or possibly nothing. Golden Cupcakes will automatically make King Pig burp a reward.


  • King Pig may burp the following goodies:
    • Power-ups (Super Glue or Night Goggles is the most common while the Magnet and Super Mechanic Pig are the rarest)
    • Snout Coins
    • Scrap
    • Experience
  • King Pig also may burp the following garbages:
    • Nail file
    • Hairball
    • Fishbone
    • Flies
  • If you do nothing, after a while, King Pig will:
    • Smile and laugh
    • Yawn
    • Raspberry

Background Details[]

In the background, there are Minion Pigs (portrayed as Freckled Pigs) laughing and hiding behind the pillars. The Dessert Mode takes place in the Pig Palace, so the background is very formal. Chef Pig will peek in and out of the pillar. A portrait of another king and queen pig is featured.

Throughout December, the pigs and King Pig wear Christmas hats and there are Christmas Presents in the room.


  • There are unused artworks and sprites for desserts that cannot be obtained normally. Examples being a sundae and a blue muffin.
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