Feed King Pig

Dessert Mode is a feature released by Rovio for Bad Piggies in 2013. The point of the mode is to collect desserts like cake in the normal levels (Rise and Swine, etc.) and then enter dessert mode to feed them to King Pig. When you feed King Pig, he may burp, or grow larger. When King pig grows too large, he will burp and return to his normal size. Sometimes, you will earn a power-up by doing this.

You can also get desserts from the Hidden Loot Crates.

Golden Cupcakes give instant rewards.

Background Details

In the background, there are Minion Pigs (portrayed as Freckled Pigs) laughing and hiding behind the pillars. The Dessert Mode takes place in the Pig Palace, so the background is very formal. Chef Pig will peek in and out of the pillar. A portrait of another king or queen pig is featured,. King Mudbeard's portrait is featured as well. Every December 1st to a unknown day of January, the pigs and King Pig wear Christmas hats and there are Christmas Presents in the room.


  • King Pig may burp the following goodies:
    • Power-ups (Super Glue or Night Goggles is the most common while the Magnet and Super Mechanic Pig are the rarest)
    • Snout Coins
    • Nuts
    • Experience
  • King Pig also may burp the following garbages:
    • Nail file
    • Hairball
    • Fishbone
    • Flies
  • If you do nothing, after a while, King Pig will:
    • Smile and laugh
    • Yawn
    • Raspberry


  • There are artworks and sprites for desserts that cannot be obtained. Examples being a sundae and a blue muffin.

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