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Didgeridork is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the eighty-fourth overall.

This episode was aired on October 23, 2015.

Name origins

"Didgeridork" is a pun on "didgeridoo", the aforementioned Aboriginal instrument; and the insult "dork".

Toons.TV Description

In this world, there are didgeridoos and didgeridon'ts – a lesson that Chuck had to learn the hard way.



On the beach, Chuck was wandering around until he tripped on a rock. He looked up to see a bough shaped like a didgeridoo near him. Chuck was excited to find it and showed it to The Blues and Bomb. He then played it to them, but Chuck could only make a short sound. The Blues liked it and Bomb was fascinated by the instrument and wanted to play as well. Bomb then happened to play a continuous sound, amazing the Blues with his skill.

Chuck was extremely jealous and shocked. He wanted to get back at him. Back at the beach, Chuck was practicing with the bough to make a decent sound but exhausted himself out with no success. Angry, Chuck tried again but his sound was so bad that trees came down, and dead fishes and an octopus washed up from the sea. Deciding to use his situation to his advantage, he inserted rotten fish and sand from the beach to get his revenge on Bomb.

Later when Chuck asked Bomb to play his tune again, Bomb agreed and tried but could not make a sound due to the clog. Chuck naturally laughed at what happened. Bomb then blew super hard into the instrument, blasting out the blockage and right onto Chuck before playing the didgeridoo normally again. Not having it, Chuck proceeded to stick some dynamite into the didgeridoo before using the campfire as a fuse trigger, hoping the explosion destroys the didgeridoo and embarrass Bomb.

However, it not only created a firework display for the Blues to enjoy, much to Bomb's pleasure, it also caused the now burnt didgeridoo to land on the angry Chuck. Having enough, Chuck went back to the beach to smash the didgeridoo. As he raged away from the now smashed instrument, he tripped over the same rock to see an accordion.

Chuck then went back to the group with the new instrument in hand, much to the surprise of the group. Bomb wanted to play it but this time, Chuck ate the instrument so to deter Bomb but it failed, as all he did was to play the instrument by stretching and squeezing Chuck, causing the latter to scream out in pain. This continued into the credits.



  • Terence is listed in the credits, but he wasn't in the episode itself.
  • When Chuck was crying after the didgeridoo fell on him, he went to the beach crying, but his mouth did not open when he cried at the beach till he opened his mouth when he broke the didgeridoo.
  • In the YouTube release of the episode, the title says Didgerydork when it's Didgeridork.


  • When Bomb wants to play music with the didgeridoo, one of The Blues' voice sounds like Gale.
  • Before Bomb gives the didgeridoo back to Chuck, he says "cool".
  • This is the first episode in Toons to show the birds performing with the instruments and them camping.