Didgeridork is the sixth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the eighty-fourth overall. It was aired on October 23, 2015 on Toons.TV app.

Toons.TV Description

In this world, there are didgeridoos and didgeridon'ts – a lesson that Chuck had to learn the hard way.


On the beach, Chuck is wandering around, until he trips on a rock. He looks up to see a bough shaped like a didgeridoo near him. Chuck is excited to find it and shows it to The Blues and Bomb. He then plays it to them, but Chuck can only make a short sound, The Blues like it, and Bomb is fascinated by the instrument and wants to play as well, Bomb happens to play a continuous sound, with The Blues amazed by Bomb's skill. Chuck is extremely jealous and shocked and wants to get back at him.Back at the beach, Chuck is practising with the bough to make a decent sound, but exhausts himself out with no success, angry, Chuck tries again but his sound is so bad that trees come down and fishes and an octopus wash up near the sea. He inserts rotten fish and sand from the beach to revenge Bomb. Bomb tries but has no success,Chuck laughs at this so Bomb tries hard this time, and the didgeridoo shoots the sand to Chuck. Then, he puts dynamites into the branch, and as the dynamites blast off , Bomb goes off in the air and bursts off. Chuck sees the sky but Bomb comes down falling and lands in the wooden stage again and The Blues cheer him. Chuck is very angry and the broken didgeridoo falls on his head and covers his head and eyes making him not see anything, Chuck cries, goes towards the beach and breaks the broken didgeridoo towards the sand, he gets angry and runs until he trips on the rock again, the same thing that happened before he could get the didgeridoo. He finds an accordion and shows his performance to the Blues and Bomb. Bomb also wants to perform but Chuck does not want Bomb to play it and then hides the accordion in his body which makes him into the accordion also making  Bomb and the Blues are amazed. The Blues have an idea and tells to Bomb that he could still perform the accordion even when Chuck has the accordion inside his body comes and plays him, Bomb goes and takes Chuck who has the accordion in his body and performs stretching him . Chuck starts crying after he is stretched out as the accordion in the end.



Name Origin

  • "Didgeridork" is a pun on "didgeridoo", the aforementioned Aboriginal instrument; and the insult "dork".
    • A ''didgeridoo'', (also known as a ''didjeridu'' by the local tribes of Australia), is actually used as a sacred instrument for rituals in Australia by the Aborgines/Kooris tribe. It is also over 1,500 years old.


  • Terence is listed in the credits, but he wasn't in the episode itself.
  • When Chuck was crying after the didgeridoo fell on him, he went to the beach crying, but his mouth did not open when he cried at the beach till he opened his mouth when he broke the didgeridoo.


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