Dogzilla is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-third overall.

This episode was aired on December 28, 2014.


The title of the episode is a portmanteau of Godzilla, a monster created being exposed to radiation, and a dog, whose scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris.

Toons.TV Description

Pig City is being attacked by a fearsome hairy beast! Sound the alarm! Secure the perimeter! Get the toilet paper! You know we need it!



There was a box that washed up on the beach. A few scavenging Minion Pigs found it and brought it to King Pig. It turned out to be the same pink toy dog Terence gave to King Pig in Joy To The Pigs. He thought it was very cute until it started barking by itself and doing some stunts. Horrified by what happened, he ran away. The rest of the pigs, thinking it was very dangerous, soon followed suit.

Soon, everyone was hiding in their houses and locking up their doors and windows. In the local news, a news reporter was reporting on the pink dog but he somehow got attacked by it. The camera then showed the dog walking towards the camera and then the news changed to a test card shaped like a pig.

King Pig was panicking on where to hide where suddenly, he saw Corporal Pig's house. He went over to it and quickly knocked on the door. When Corporal Pig came out from his shower, King Pig explained that there was this Pink Dog terrorizing the City, which prompted him to activate the City's defense system. Once he had the Pink Dog targeted, he fired the missiles to destroy the Pink Dog. However, it then entered Corporal Pig's house at the last second, which meant the entire city was going to be blown up.

However, once the ash cleared itself, the dog slowed down until it stopped, meaning that Corporal Pig's plan has succeeded, resulting in the entire city celebrating the victory and later on, attaching the dog to a heavy anchor before firing it off with a catapult. Breathing in relief, they all went back to the city but the anchor hit an island, which turned out to be the back of some giant sea monster.

In the credits, the pigs can be heard screaming for their lives again.



  • The dog is listed in the credits, and is voiced by Antti LJ Pääkkönen.
  • The dog was also given to King Pig in the previous episode.
  • One of the missiles look like the gnome in Oh Gnome!, and one of the other missiles looked like the pink gun that Matilda used in Run Chuck Run.
  • The sea monster at the end of the episode is the only character that is larger than Terence and is the only character that is not a bird or a Pig.
  • The vase at 0:10 looks similar to the one in Catch of the Day.
  • This is the first episode where Corporal Pig's house is seen.

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