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Dopeys on a Rope is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode debuts Corporal Pig's new look. It was aired on June 16, 2013.

Title Etimology

The name of this episode is based off Dopes on Slopes.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs plan a sneak attack from above, but the Blues soon take the bounce out of their bungee.



At night, the Bad Piggies are trying to steal the eggs while suspended by a rope. While one of the Minion Pigs was lowered down to the bird's eggs, he begins to revolve around the eggs while using his tongue to grab them. Unfortunately for him, Red spots the pig and glares at him. Red then beaten him up, sending him flying up into the underside of the cliff, and getting stuck.

Later in the morning, Red, who was tired from protecting the eggs, changes shifts with Chuck. Corporal Pig gets an idea by lowering a mirror so that Chuck admires himself on the mirror, distracting him long enough for the pigs to steal the eggs. While the plan seemed to work, the mirror also gives away the plan to Chuck when he sees another Minion Pig swinging back and forth trying to steal the eggs via the mirror, and proceeds to see if he was right. Knowing he would be in trouble if he got caught, the Minion pig tries to hide behind the eggs to no avail, resulting him in getting beaten up and sent flying back up the cliff. This somehow caused the pig stuck earlier to be punched up with the Minion Pig into the sky and then slamming down onto the pig group.

In the afternoon, Chuck, too, is fatigued from protecting the eggs, and changes shifts with Jay, Jake, and Jim. Corporal Pig gets another idea, which in order to distract the Blues, he throws a ball into their line of sight. The ball bounces away and the Blues chase after it. Corporal Pig and  the two Minion Pigs begainn to be lower down, the rope but Corporal Pig abruptly stops descending. Corporal Pig yells at the pig supposedly operating the ropes, only to suddenly fall and crash into the ground. The other pigs laughs at him but he orders them to quit laughing. Soon the three pigs realized that the Blues on the cliff had tied the other pig with the ropes on the crane and had gagged him with the ball. The Blues pushes a tied boulder off the cliff, and the pigs on the ground tried to run away. Only Corporal Pig gets smashed and the other pigs laugh at him again. The boulder then flies into the air and hits the pigs, and they begin bouncing off each other in the style of a Newton's cradle.

At the end of the day, Red returns and sees the pigs. The Blues join him, and together they enjoyed watching the pigs and the boulder rebounding.



  • At 1:47, the pig to Corporal Pig's left (the viewer's right) is actually invisible, though it is a split second and his shadow can still be seen.


  • The characters are completely traditionally animated in this episode, like the Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer.
  • This is the second time the Blues' theme song was heard. The first was in the episode True Blue?
  • From this episode, Corporal Pig has changed so he is less of a Minion Pig with a helmet. He is more olive green, wears a different helmet, and has an ace of 'Spades' card on his helmet. He also has a crack on his forehead, as can be seen for a brief moment. In the older episodes of Angry Birds Toons, he has a white helmet with something that looks like a rope tied around it (might not be a rope) and is not olive green like the Corporal Pig in this episode. 
  • This is the first episode not to be written by Ian Carney.
  • This episode reveals what Corporal Pig looks like without his helmet. This would be shown in later episodes such as Catch of the Day and Not Without my Helmet.



Angry Birds Toons - Dopeys On A Rope - S1 Ep14

It's now your turn to look after the eggs.

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