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Double Take is the sixteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on June 30, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

The Blues disguise themselves as eggs for fun. The pigs kidnap the birds thinking they are the real eggs, and then other pigs go into the nest pretending to be eggs as well. Matilda is going to go bananas!



The episode begins with Matilda leaving Jay, Jake, and Jim alone to guard the eggs, but they went and played in the mud, causing them to be colored like the eggs. Jim accidentally pushed the eggs, which caused them to fall into a bush. Once Jay, Jake, and Jim noticed that the eggs were gone, they screamed. Then they saw Matilda approaching, so they tried to act like the eggs. Matilda examined what she believed were the eggs. She then realized the Blues were missing and proceeded to find them.

Then, the Minion Pigs arrived and Corporal Pig took the "eggs", not realizing that he had in fact taken the Blues. Corporal Pig then ordered three minion pigs disguised as eggs themselves to avoid raising any suspicion to take the place of the real eggs before heading back to Pig City.

Matilda then returned and then saw through the pigs' disguises before kicking them into the bushes that the eggs were in. She then looked around for the eggs and saw a cart trail, prompting her to go after the cart. The pigs in the bushes then saw the real eggs and proceeded to take them back to Pig City. Meanwhile, Jay managed to break him and his brothers out of the sack and proceeded to beat up Corporal Pig and the two pig drivers.

When Matilda arrived at where the Blues are, she saw the cart and the pigs in ruins with the Blues disguised as eggs again. She then took back to the nest when she crashed into the pigs carrying the real eggs. This caused mayhem where the real eggs and the Blues to scattered around and eventually out of the fight. Seeing that the eggs were near them, Jay, Jake, and Jim proceeded to carry the real eggs back to the nest, shaking off the mud before they left.

When Matilda finished beating up the pigs, she realized that both the eggs and the Blues, whom she thought were also eggs, were gone. Dejected, she headed back to the nest, just to see the Blues doing their normal activities. In the end, she looked at the camera, wondering if the audience knew what exactly happened.



  • The same mountain from the episode Slingshot 101 appears.
  • This episode is another proof that The Eggs are unbreakable as they get thrown about but don't break, similarly to how they behave in the games and in the episode Egg's Day Out.
  • In the end, one of the Blues is reading a book with a picture of a bear with honey. It's probably a reference to Winnie-the-Poohalthough actual Bears also love honey.
  • One of the pigs that "fought" with Matilda over the eggs had suffered such a beating that only one of his eyes was spinning.
  • Despite being the third pig involved with the theft, Corporal Pig is nowhere to be seen after the Blues escape from the cart.


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Oh no.... Matilda is gonna be angry soon!

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