Double Trouble Tournament is an Angry Birds Friends Halloween tournament that started on October 5, 2017, and

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ended on November 5, 2017. It's divided into four tournaments:
  • Creamy Conflict (October 5th to October 11th)
  • Rattle Or Slime (October 12th to October 18th)
  • T-Bone vs Pigtoking (October 19th to October 25th)
  • Halloween Mania (October 26th to November 5th)

The players could vote for which monster they would fight: Pigtoking or T-Bone. Pigtoking was the winner.



Dark forces have infested the pigs, transforming the most beautiful day into the scariest night Collect sweets and earn Halloween special Powerup! For the first time ever, the players will be able to VOTE and change the outcome of the final week of Halloween!


Creamy Conflict

This phase has a city in the daytime. Peacefully, without any scary things happening and delicious Hostess cupcakes fly around the levels used to feed the monsters.

Rattle Or Slime

This phase has the city now in the afternoon. This is where the scary things start to happen! The houses now are broken and with mysterious scary eyes on them. The cupcakes still fly around the levels.

T-Bone vs Pigtoking

This phase is where everything is scary. The city just got slimed and it's at night now. It's time for the pigs to get dressed for Halloween Trick Or Treat. There are still cupcakes in the levels and the T-Bone vs Pigtoking fight gets more fierce!

Halloween Mania

Pigtoking wins the battle by getting bigger with the cupcakes. Now he's ready to attack the city, but now the birds are stronger with the Pumpkin Drop power-ups.

The birds win and Halloween is saved!

Double Trouble This Halloween Event

The Double Trouble This Halloween was an event that happened during the first tournaments until Halloween mania. There were Hostess cupcakes in the levels and their utility was to feed Pigtoking or T-Bone in order to make them the boss of the tournament. The total amount of cupcakes that can be collected in a day is 20.

There's a ''Feed Me'' button bellow each of the two monster pigs, if the player pressed it to a pig while having cupcakes, it would feed them. If the player fed 5 to them, they would burp a Halloween Pumpkin to the player, that would later be used as the Pumpkin Drop Power-Up.

The number of cupcakes and pumpkins the player had were shown below. The name of a player and the quantity that it fed was shown to their pig and a ''Winning'' message was shown on the pig that was most fed. It ended before the Halloween Mania Tournament  and Pigtoking won.

New Features

It featured several things such as:

New Pigs, Power-Ups, and not destructible objects:

  • Hostess Cupcakes: Flies around the levels. Used to feed Pigtoking or T-Bone.
  • Pigtoking: A Boss pig that if popped, he gets reborn from a heart and gets bigger, destroying everything that comes at him.
  • Pumpkin Drop: A Power-Up that when used, a lot of Pumpkins fall from the sky.
  • Trapped Pig: A pig that appears in the Monster Trap (Shown below) that needs to be defeated in order to complete the level.


  • Candles: Just an object where if a bird touches it, it will break.
  • T-Bone 's Minion Pigs: Pigs with destroyed skulls.
  • Graffiti: Just an object.
  • Slimy Floor: If an object, bird, or pig falls on the floor, it will slip, most like Angry Birds 2. But it doesn't have the same power from Angry Birds 2, being weaker.
  • Harley Quinn (Punk) Costumes: A pig's wear.
  • Detective Hats: Another pig's wear.
  • Poorly Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • Monster Trap: If a bird touches it, a scared pig hologram will appear. It's needed to defeat this pig. Also, it's a Ghostbusters reference.
  • Inflatable Ghost: Just what holds some structures.
  • Golden Pumpkin If a bird touches it, it will give you 5000 points.
  • Normal Pumpkin: Another object.
  • Barrels: Almost like TNT.
  • Toilet Paper: Works like ropes.
  • Baseball Bats: Another object.
  • Pigtoking's Minion Pigs: Pigs with Pigtoking tails.
  • Concrete Fence: An easy to destroy object.
  • Blocker: An easy to destroy object.



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Angry Birds Friends Halloween 2017 Double Trouble-0


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