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Dr. Pork, M.D is the twentieth episode of the Piggy Tales series.

This episode is a sequel to Abduction; In this episode, a medical doctor checks on his patients, including one who has an alien craft inside. It was aired on August 22, 2014 on the Toons.TV streaming service.

Title etymology[]

Dr. Pork, M.D. is a pun on the show ''House, M.D.''. It could also be unintended, just him being an M.D..

Toons.TV Description[]

Dr. Pork is busy seeing some poorly piggies. But one of them gives him a surprise that's out of this world!



The episode begins in Dr. Pork's office. The first Minion Pig entered the office clearly suffering from something that looked like chickenpox. Dr. Pork proceeded to examine the patient's heartbeat, checked his internal reflexes, and gave him a spoonful of medical syrup which instantly cured him. Happy that he had been cured, the pig left the office.

The second patient was the Tenor Pig. He had a more washed out color and and was coughing, having a weak and raspy voice as well. Just like he did with the first patient, he soon cured Tenor Pig and he was able to clearly sing again. Just then, the third and final patient entered, who was the possessed Minion Pig from Abduction. When Dr. Pork measured the Minion Pig's heartbeat, he heard a drum beat within the body. Concerned, he tried again and this time, he heard some honking. When he tried to do the reflex test, the Minion Pig vaporized the hammer, reducing it to ashes. Feeling horrified, Dr. Pork tried to administer the syrup to the patient, asking the pig to open his mouth. He does so, allowing the Intergalactic Explorer inside of him to finally escape, freeing the pig from his grasp. Now free from the UFO, the Minion Pig was so happy, that he went on his merry way. Dr. Pork was so speechless that he stared at the audience, drank the whole bottle of syrup, and tossed it out, disbelieving that he saw a UFO.



  • The following items appear in the episode:
    • Doctor's tools
      • Stethoscope
      • Reflex hammer
      • Medicine
      • Spoon
      • Head mirror
    • Other items
      • Skull
      • Unidentified Flying Object (from Abduction)
      • Anatomical chart
      • Painting
      • Medical books
      • Reminders
      • Cupboard
  • The title song at the beginning and the end came from the episode "Abduction".
  • This is the UFO's second appearance, after "Abduction".
  • This is the longest episode of Season 1 and also the longest in the entire Piggy Tales series.
  • When Dr. Pork checks the UFO pig's heartbeat for the first time, you can hear the main drum beat heard in the Terminator theme song.
  • Dr. Pork breaks the 4th wall by looking at the audience in disbelief after the UFO escapes the pig’s body.
  • This is also Tenor Pig's second appearance, after "Piggy in the Middle".
  • In this episode, Tenor Pig's voice is similar to El Porkador.
  • Rovio uploaded this episode one day ahead (21 August 2014) of the expected release date (22 August 2014).
  • In this episode, an anatomy of a pig's body can be seen. The brain is portrayed to be tiny, which represents the low intelligence of standard Minion Pigs.
  • Part of this episode can be seen in The Angry Birds Movie on a television, when the pot falls through a bunch of floors.
  • The episode is also referenced in Pig Popping Explained!, along with The Hole, also featuring Dr. Pork himself.
  • The skull used in this episode was also the same type of skull used in Bad Piggies, hidden in certain levels. Another one is shown in Hiccups.



Piggy Tales - Dr. Pork, M.D - S1 Ep20

Release: 28th of August, 2014

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