Dream House
Dream House
Episode number 17
Air Date August 7, 2015
Written by Javier Espinosa
Directed by Eric Guaglione
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All Geared Up Home Sweet Home

Dream House is the seventeenth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work. It was aired on August 7, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

The keystone to constructing the perfect home.


A pig with a helmet has a hammer. A pig with a nail comes to the helmet pig and asks to build a house. He takes the nail and builds the house. He finishes and goes to the pig. The pig says that the house needs to be bigger, so the pig agrees and makes the house bigger. The helmet pig finishes but the pig says it needs to be even bigger. The helmet pig builds and finishes it revealing a big castle silhouette. He asks the pig if it's already snough but he says no. Out of rage, the helmet pig drops his hammer and goes to the second highest room in the castle and stomps on it. The nail he used falls to the pig and the structure collapsed. He asks help from another pig and so ends the episode.


  • When you hear the building, you can hear a quarter sound of the TARDIS opening.
  • On the 'Beta' version of this episode,the pig had a coin instead of a nail.


Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Dream House"-0

Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Dream House"-0

Get me a better house!

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