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The Duck is a character who appears in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Angry Birds Summer Madness.



He is a Mallard, that has a green head with a yellow curved beak with nostrils, blue rings around the eyes, a collar white part on the neck, brownish-gray body with dark brown arms and duck orange feet.


Nothing much is known about him, but he is quite clumsy as he didn't notice the pie that would later hit his face.

Media Appearances

The Angry Birds Movie 2

The Duck was seen sunbathing at the beach until a pie hit him in the face when Red said to Chuck, Bomb , and the Hatchlings to duck and as his species is a duck, he thought that they were calling him.

Angry Birds Summer Madness

The Duck appears in Summer Madness in the intro scene sitting at the end of one of the water slides at the camp. He is then pushed out of the slide by Red, Chuck, Bomb and Stella. He also appears in The Golden Pineapple episode with him being on Red's team.





  • So far, he is the only Angry Birds character to be visually based on a Duck, specifically a Mallard.

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