Dutch (Formerly Arnie) is an Angry Birds Evolution bird that can be obtained at any time in the hatchery, but mainly at events such as Thanksgiving and Slap Shot Mania. He also appears in other games.


Everything about Dutch is perfectly sculpted... except his memory.

This birdcake has absolutely no mental recall.

Often wonders: ''Where was i going again?''



He is based off young Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a gray strong bird with packs on his torso, large wings, a large yellow beak with teeth with gaps, talons of the same colour, black long hair,a black large tail, black eyebrows, black eyebags and his irises are brown.

He wears a black underwear.

On Angry Birds Friends!, he is fat and doesn't wear the underwear.


Based on a Bodybuilder, he has now more hair and has a happy expression. He now wears a black tanktop that extends to his legs, a blue belt on his forehead and a golden medal with a Mighty Eagle symbol being held by a a red, white and blue necklace.

Huge Combo Explosion Evolution

Based on Conan The Barbarian, he has now longer hair, a small beard and his mouth is closed. He now wears a brown belt with white spikes on his forehead, a brown bracelet with white spikes on his left wing and another one without spikes on his right wing. 

He also wears a necklace with shark teeth and a silver metal and brown shorts with fur.

Improved Combo Explosion Evolution

Based on John Matrix from Commando, his hair is now short, his mouth is now closed, his eyebags are black and his expression is worried. He has black face paint stripes on his face, wears a military shirt, a black jacket with an explosive nut, a silver chain with pendant and a black short with ammo.


Combo Explosion Rank 1

Cause an explosion, dealing 398 damage to all enemies within reach. Each impact counts for 5 combo hits.

Combo Explosion Rank 1 (Evolution)

Cause an explosion, dealing 1269 damage to all enemies within reach. Each impact counts for 5 combo hits.

Huge Combo Explosion Rank 1

Cause a huge explosion, dealing 1456 damage to all enemies within reach. Each impact counts for 5 combo hits.

Improved Combo Explosion Rank 1

Cause an explosion, dealing 1586 damage to all enemies within reach. Each impact counts for 10 combo hits.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Black

All black birds in team get +30% attack power.

Awaken Skill

Buffs the damage of teammates left and right from the bird by 20%

Bird Information


When he is in his first level, it is less than 350, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.


When he is in his first level, it is less than 160, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When he is in his first level, he gives less than 840 Bird Power to the team, but he can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 400 Black Evolution material to evolve him. It then costs 1000 Evolution Material and 10 Black Evolution Essense to evolve him to a last evolution.

The income of Black Evolution Material and Coins when selling him varies according to his level.

Appearances in Other Games

Angry Birds 2

Dutch appears in the Angry Birds Evolution Spell event where the player could launch explosive nuts of the slingshot and a bunch of them would fall from the sky. It uses his Improved Combo Explosion design.

Angry Birds Friends!

He appeared in the second week (Monday 9th, July 2017) of the Join The Evolution Tournament, where he would hatch from a Golden Egg after a bird hit it. He would then appear next to the slingshot but wasn't playable. He would hatch in level 1 and level 4.

Angry Birds Evolution Meet Dutch


In his trailer he appears in his Improved Combo Explosion Evolution. The screen focus on his face and he then screams, the screen then reveals that he is holding a pig next to a chipper. He throws the pig into it and the chipper chips him, launching coins, Dutch then screams happily and a Meet Dutch stamp appears on the screen.


  • His name is based off the character ''Major Alan Schaeffer'' in the movie ''The Predator'' where his nickname is ''Dutch''. The character is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • Dutch screams  ''Get to da choppa!'' in his trailer, which is a line of the Dutch character in the movie.
  • Dutch was named ''Arnie'' in the softlaunch and beta. Arnie is Arnold Schwarzengger's nickname.
  • His colour is based off a black and white picture of Arnold Schwarzengger.



Angry Birds Evolution Meet Dutch

Angry Birds Evolution Meet Dutch

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