Eagles is one of the three groups of extras «The Angry Birds Movie 2» (in addition to birds and pigs). They are birds living on Eagle Island. Almost all of them have common characteristics and live together under the direction of the Zeta.


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They live mainly on Eagle Island. They have mostly not very bright color: various shades of brown, gray and white. They also have powerful beaks bent at the end, large muscles (though not always), and large wings that allow them to fly. Resistant to the cold climate of their island. Among the eagles, there are two notable exceptions: Mighty Eagle, unlike other relatives, lives in solitude on Bird Island, and Zeta is the only one of its kind who has a bright purple color.


Most eagles have a trusting relationship with each other, for example, as shown by Karl Brad's pass with his key card, and they respect their colleagues at work, but they are suspicious and cautious of unknown personalities. Some of them are afraid to take the initiative because of the threat of torture, and therefore they easily obey the orders of their common leader, the Zetas. Most of the guard eagles are more likely to take action sooner than speculate, but there are some exceptions, for example, when guarding the entrance to the base, Jerry immediately recognizes a suit in Harvey, but in the absence of the same opinion Carl agrees with her partner and quickly loses initiative. The scientific and engineering staff of the base, in turn, headed by Glenn, improves the superweapon shells in a rather rapidly short time, although according to preliminary forecasts of Glenn himself it would take two weeks, which indicates the presence of a high level of intelligence and quick wisdom to create such a thing over a few hours. Also, most of them are very fond of having fun together and arranging various entertainment events, such as parties or dance flash mobs.


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