Eagle Island is an island that first appeared in The Angry Birds Movie 2.

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This island is replete with snow, ice and frozen terrain. It is infested with seals, and fish are also known to live there as well. However, its environment and ecosystem is not completely undisturbed, as one of its inhabitants, Zeta, has somehow gathered significant resources to design an abode more technologically advanced than the primitive structures built in Bird Village on this island. At the center of the island, there is a hollowed-out volcano-like structure that houses Zeta's ice ball cannon. The island is not too far from Bird Island, as it was demonstrated to be in range of that weapon. There is a computer room near the Ice Ball Cannon, some dungeons where scientists are trapped in, the Regal Eagle and Bathrooms.


After being spurned by Mighty Eagle, Zeta gathers a flock of eagles to her side on Eagle Island, spending years during the Battle Of Piggy Island , designing a powerful superweapon in secret that would destroy the neighboring Bird and Piggy Islands. Once the weapon became operational to some extent, Zeta used it to disrupt and effectively end the war by threatening both Birds and Pigs, destroying chunks of their homelands. In response to the attacks, the two decided to forge an alliance and stage an assault on Eagle Island to shut down Zeta's superweapon, and succeed in doing so. Following its destruction, Zeta and her eagles abandoned the island to reconcile with their fellow Birds.


Known inhabitants of the frozen island include:

Former inhabitants:

Security Guards:



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