This article is about the character. You may be looking for his eponymous shop.

''Hey Red, how are ya?''

Early Bird, The Angry Birds Movie

Early Bird is a bird featured in The Angry Birds Movie. He owns a store named Early Bird Worms. Early Bird is shown in two trailers and is voiced by Romeo Santos in The Angry Birds Movie and then The Angry Birds Movie 2, he is voiced by Sean Charmatz. He is the husband of Betty and had a lot of hatchlings with her.



Early Bird has orange feathers, head with a lighter color, yellow feathers for hair, yellow beak and feet, blue eyes and dark brown eyebrows.


He is seen to be extremely carefree. When he asked Red how was he doing, he felt shocked.



  • Early Bird has a lot of sons, as seen at the start of the movie. Samantha is one of his sons.
  • The word 'Worm' in his shop, is made of worms.
  • He is a food vendor.
  • When he gets shocked as Red says that he is horrible, his yellow crest disappears.
  • He may have something to do with Bubbles, as both are orange, with similar traits and appear together sometimes.
  • In Angry Birds Evolution, Mireille's biography states that two birds Bob Wingman and Betty have a lot of chicks, this could imply that Early Bird's name is Bob Wingman if the Betty stated is his wife.

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