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The earth[1] is a location that appears in the Angry Birds series. A fictitious representation of the real-life planet of the same name, the earth is a planet in the Solar System, best known for being where the birds and pigs live.


The earth is very similar, if not the same, to the real-life planet of the same name. Most of its surface is blue due to those parts being covered in water. On the other hand, landmasses are represented with greenish or yellowish colors.

The earth is inhabited by hundreds of living beings, the most notable of which are the birds and pigs that reside on numerous landmasses on the planet. Areas such as those in Brazil are also inhabited by humans. Some islands also have unique flora and fauna, such as Golden Island having carnivorous plants and butterfly-like creatures that may or may not be hostile inhabiting it.[2][3]



For an unknown period of time, the earth was inhabited by dinosaurs, who would eventually evolve into birds millions of years later. Some time ago, the planet also passed through an Ice Age.



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  • The earth is based on the real-life planet of the same name.
  • The earth's appearance has changed throughout the series; in Piggy Tales: 4th Street, it was shown that the earth's only location was a gigantic, pig snout-shaped landscape,[citation needed] while future appearances would make it look identical to the real-life Earth.[6]



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