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Easter Eggs is the fifth holiday-themed scenario in Angry Birds Seasons. It is Easter-themed and has small Easter eggs as additional items that can be destroyed for 1000 points each. Easter Eggs has the same basic format as Hogs and Kisses and Go Green, Get Lucky, but the player must follow Angry Birds on Twitter instead of liking it on Facebook to unlock the three last levels. Unlike the rest of the Seasons episodes, Easter Eggs has 10 Golden Egg levels. When the player finishes the levels they then find a picture of Red, Matilda, and Chuck standing in the front of their eggs with the King Pig laying next to a smashed Easter egg.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Spring had sprung and the Flock thought they were onto a winner. They'd found a bunny-rabbit shaped clearing on the edge of the Slingshot Woods! Knowing the woods gave the pigs the heebie-jeebies, the birds set up nest among the daisy cups. Imagine their panic when they looked down at the nest and saw that the pigs had replaced the eggs with painted mud replicas! Red immediately scrambled the birds to get the real eggs back.

Golden Eggs

  • 1-2 The Golden Egg is in the patch of grass closest to the slingshot.
  • 1-4 The Golden Egg is in the grass patch closest to the slingshot at the foot of the hill.
  • 1-6 Zoom out. The Golden Egg is on top of the hill on the far right side of the screen. Fling a Chuck at just the right angle then hit a speed burst to hit the Golden Egg.
  • 1-7 Use Matilda to drop an egg bomb right in front of the concrete blocks behind the slingshot. You can get this Golden Egg in one shot, but sometimes if it may just break the concrete blocks and reveal the Golden Egg. In this case, just use the second Matilda to get the egg.
  • 1-8 Reveal the Golden Egg by hitting the TNT under the slingshot. You can do this by bouncing Red off the checkered wall directly under the first concrete block.
  • 1-9 Fling a bird backward towards the bottom left part of the level (off the screen). After you hear an explosion, you'll see the Golden Egg appear on the far right-hand side of the level. Be sure to zoom out.
  • 1-10 Break the patch of grass beneath the slingshot (the one on the side of the hill). The egg will swing down from the top of the screen or fling Chuck very high arch above the screen.
  • 1-12 Using Hal destroys the donut on the right side of the screen. The Golden Egg will then drop down and start swinging back and forth. With some luck and good aim use one of the remaining birds to hit the Golden Egg.
  • 1-15 This one requires three steps and is probably the most difficult to obtain. First, you have to break the patch of grass behind the slingshot. After you do so, a round block of wood will appear on the ground in front of the slingshot. Bust that piece of wood and the Golden Egg will drop down and start swinging around. Now you have two chances to hit the Golden Egg.
  • 1-16 Break the four-leaf clover that sits to the left of the slingshot and it will trigger the block underneath the Golden Egg.



  • Before the episode colors were removed in an update, the representative color they used in Easter Eggs is yellow.
  • Along with Go Green, Get Lucky, Easter Eggs is one of the two episodes in Seasons that play background music during the gameplay.
  • This episode is the first episode with multiple Golden Eggs, excluding the large, 3-star object representing the holiday.
    • Appropriately with the name, this episode has the largest amount of Golden Eggs of any Seasons episode, with 10.
  • In Angry Birds Chrome, it has a lot of different levels.
  • Terence can be seen painted like an Easter egg in the credits (includes in the short version), with his eyebrows raised. This may indicate that he is confused or surprised.
  • A shamrock from Go Green, Get Lucky appears in Level 16.
  • In the PC and Mac version, the Twitter Levels are not available, therefore players can't get the Golden Egg on level 16.
  • In the Pinterest picture, it shows Bubbles. However, Easter Eggs was in Season 1 before Ham'o'ween was released.
  • One of the Golden Eggs resembles YouTube's logo. Another resembles Skype's logo.
  • In the Abra-Ca-Bacon loading screen and ending cutscene, the Easter Eggs background can be found behind the portal with the birds.
  • New things are introduced in this season - grass that can be removed by hitting them and small easter eggs that come in different colours and patterns which can be cracked by hitting them.
  • Pigs wear Easter bunny suits and easter eggs on their heads protecting them a bit.

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