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Eating Out is the twenty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-third overall.

Toons.TV Description

While Matilda's out at the beach, the birds are left to fend for themselves for dinner, but their culinary muscles are... not as developed as they could be.


Red, Chuck, and Bomb are ready to eat, but Matilda leaves for a vacation at the beach. Bomb's stomach growls, so they check the cauldron, but there is not enough food in there, so they freak out. Bomb tries carving off some bark from wood, and Chuck tries eating a cactus, but it stings his tongue and causes him to scream. Red orders them to stop trying to eat what they are trying to eat and guides them to another place. Meanwhile, Bomb tastes a revolting rock, and Chuck tries eating a wild berry with a skull face on it, but is disgusted and immediately spits it out. They hear the shouting of Corporal Pig, so they go to see what is going on. They discover that there are so many cakes for King Pig, try stealing the helmets of a few Minion Pigs and succeed. Corporal Pig does a troop check, but notices that Bomb is not a pig. Bomb attempts a snort, but Corporal Pig shouts at him to stay in position. Red starts looking back and forth from the cakes to Corporal Pig. He attacks Corporal Pig out of his sight, Chuck uses karate to beat the minions, and then Bomb portrays a bowling ball, knocking out more Minion Pigs. Meanwhile, King Pig and Red both crash into a cake, and it gloriously comes crashing down. Fortunately, Red finds a cupcake in good condition. King Pig notices it and orders the minions to not let them get away, but Bomb explodes on the guards and they make it just in time before the gate closes. Back at home, Red is about to split the cupcake into thirds, but Matilda eats it without noticing that the birds are hungry.





Interesting Facts

  • The Wilhelm Scream was heard when Bomb "bowled" the pigs.


  • When Red and King Pig fall in the cake, the palace walls fill with ice cream. But when King Pig tells his soldiers to catch the birds, the walls are clean.
  • In the credits, Andrzej Radka has " on it.



Angry Birds Toons - Eating Out - S2 Ep21