Not to be confused with another bird of the same game, Eddie.

Eddie The Bird is a character from Angry Birds Evolution that couldbe obtained at the hatchery on the Iron Maiden Event. but now can be obtained at other events.

He also appears in the Angry Birds Friends Iron Maiden Halloween Tournaments, where he replaces the Birdquake Power-Up.


Summoned forth from the underworld by a group of devout Iron Maiden fans, Eddie is the embodiment of all things metal on Bird Island and beyond.



Based on Killers  Eddie The  Head from Iron Maiden, he is a brownish gray bird with silver beak and claws, white hair and purple eyes. He wears a white t-shirt and a gray short with a black belt with a silver acessory.

This appearence is also in Angry Birds Friends but he lacks the shirt and short as he resembles the birds' Toons Designs. He seems to be the same size of Red, though he is huge in artworks. He once had a small beak in the mobile version, but it was updated and he has the large beak he has in the Facebook version.

His appearance is a mix of Red and Eddie the Head according to the developers.


Based on the Powerslave Eddie, he is now covered in limen and chains and wears a Pharaoh Crown with an iron sign with the word the Iron written on it. His eyes are now glowing blue.

The official name of Eddie in this phase is named Pharaoh ''The Bird''.

Soul Sacrifice Evolution

Based on the Book Of Souls  Eddie, he has now brown feathers, white markings on his head, eyes, body, and legs. His thorax bones and meat are exposed and he has just a bit of hair on his head. He wears a red loincloth with a white symbol that is his head and his eyes are now red. The eyes are now more frowned and the beak is closed.

The official name of Eddie in this phase is named Shaman ''The Bird''.

Infinite Void Evolution

Based on the Somewhere In Time Eddie, he is now pure red meat, without any feathers, he wears a bunch of yellow metal bones such as thorax and femurs, the other metal parts are also present, there is a yellow metal necklace with a snout symbol on it and a yellow metal hip bone with a radioactive symbol on it. He also wears a metal helmet with a glass part with various cords and antennas on the left of the helmet.

The official name of Eddie in this phase is named Cyborg ''The Bird''.

Holy Smoke Evolution

Based on Holy Smoke  Eddie, he now wears a black jacket with the Beast 's symbol on it and beige pants.


Purgatory Pyre

Every turn the pyre spews 3 fireballs in a random direction dealing 10% damage. Lasts 3 turns.

Tomb Of Horus

All pigs which enter the tomb are trapped within. Lasts 3 turns.

Soul Sacrifice

Eddie launches at his enemies, opening a portal to the underworld beneath them. Lost souls reach out and drag their victims down, never to be seen again.

Infinite Void

Sucks pigs to the eternal abyss, dealing 1268 damage. Only the strongest ones will return to this plane of existence.

Holy Smoke

Eddie opens a black hole on the ground, each pig standing on it will receive 1180 damage and is chained for 1 turn.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Black

All black birds in team get +30% attack power.

Awaken Skill

Inceases the damage by 20%!

In Angry Birds Friends!

Eddie appeared in all the levels of the Iron Maiden Halloween Tournaments olf 2018, he replaced the Birdquake
ABF Iron Maiden Icon
Power-Up and let out a loud scream that fires the background which makes structures and pigs to shake.

There were also two structures in the levels of Wicker Man Tournament and Powerslave Tournament that resembled his Infinite Void And Pharaoh Evolutions respectively.


As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems  and Runes  can also help. In Angry Birds Friends!, his strength is medium.

Gameplay Notes

In Angry Birds Evolution, if the player obtained the bird in the Halloween Event 2018, it wouldn't countain the Inifinte Void Evolution, that was replaced with the Holy Smoke Evolution.


  • Eddie is the only bird to have a special sound effect in Angry Birds Evolution. In addition, the members of the flock doesn't even make noise, including Angromedon, in order to make sense.
  • Eddie makes a guest appearance in Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast game as an event character with his four evolutions.
  • Both Eddie's in the game are black birds.



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