Not to be confused with another bird of the same game, Eddie .  

Eddie The Bird is a character on Angry Birds Evolution that can be obtained on the hatchery on the Iron Maiden Event .

He also appears in the Angry Birds Friends Iron Maiden Halloween Tournaments, where he replaces the Birdquake Power-Up


Summoned forth from the underworld by a group of devout Iron Maiden fans, Eddie is the embodiment of all things metal on Bird Island and beyond.


It is a long brown bird with long brown-purple wings and the same legs. Has a pronounced chest. The beak is large, gray, constantly open, thanks to which large scary teeth open the view. The face above the beak and eyebrows is wrinkled. Eyes as such are absent; instead, the eye sockets burn with a violet flame. There are no well-defined eyebrows, there are only large wrinkles above the eyes. Gray hair hanging down to the shoulders, clearly not combed. He wears a dirty white T-shirt and black ripped jeans with a black belt with a metal buckle.

After the first evolution, the headdress of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh appears on it, which says “Iron”, bandages and chains of the mummy appear on the body, the flame in the eyes turns blue.

After the second evolution (“Science”), his entire body is covered with a red suit with yellow and metallic technological additions. An incomprehensible symbol appears on the chest on the orange icon. In his hands he now holds a metal with a yellow blaster. On the head is a high-tech helmet with an antenna, microphone, headphones and a special mint-green lens for aiming for one eye. Eyes are now more frowned, beak is closed.

Description in the game

Eddie, drafted from rocker oblivion by a group of loyal Iron Maiden fans, is a symbol of heavy metal on Bird Island.

Additional Abilities

Leader Bonus (“Damage Bonus: Black”): all black birds of the team gain + 30% attack power.

Superfire (“Funeral Bonfire”) (available after 4 turns): produces an explosion that damages enemies and creates a special bonfire for three turns. Each turn, the bonfire spews fireballs in a random direction, dealing 10% damage.

It can evolve with a change in appearance twice, and the second time the player himself can choose what kind of appearance and super-shot the character will have.

Supervystrely evolution

The super-shot  of the  first evolution is called (“Tomb of Horus”) (available after 4 turns): it creates a tomb in the affected area, all pigs caught in the tomb are trapped (3 turns).

The super-shot The super shot of the second evolution (“Science”) is called (“Infinite Void”) (available after 3 turns): Sucks pigs into the abyss, inflicting a divine amount of units. damage. Only the strongest can return to this world.

The super shot of the second evolution (“Martial Arts”) is called (“Victim”) (available after 3 turns): Eddie attacks enemies, opening a portal under them into oblivion. Lost souls reach out and drag their victims down. Forever.

Angry Birds Friends

As his rarity is good, he is very strong. Evolving him with the right evolution will make him stronger. Totems and Runes can also help. On  Angry Birds Friends!, his strength is medium.

Interesting Facts

  • This character is literally a bird incarnation of the symbol of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden .
  • The look of Eddie’s first evolution is a reference to the Powerslave album cover .
  • The second evolution (Science) is an allusion to Somewhere in Time .
  • The second evolution (“Martial Arts”) refers to The Book of Souls .


Angry Birds Evolution A Tribute to Iron Maiden-0

Angry Birds Evolution A Tribute to Iron Maiden-0

Eddie's trailer.


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