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For the Hatchling, see Edward (Angry Birds Match)

Edward is a resident of Bird Island.



Edward is a marine green bird that has darker feathers on the head as hair, lilac eyes and a belly with tea green feathers.

Media Appearances

The Angry Birds Movie

After hearing his son, Timothy screaming, Edward came and told Red to take responsibility of his job. He, however, dislikes him from what he sees Red splatters the cake onto his face and Red continues to irritate him even he was told to get out of his house. Due to the nature of Red's anger, he had no choice but to send him to Judge Peckinpah for an anger management sentence. At the end of the movie for red saving the eggs from the pigs, he makes a cameo appearance clapping before the hatchlings sing "mighty red".

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Action!

Edward served as an avatar within the game

Angry Birds Dice

During the opening cutscene, Edward and his wife Eva were invited to Leonard's Casino much to their delight.






  • A planned piece of concept art showcased Edward in a "launched" attack to Pig City, indicating that he was supposed to be one of the birds to be launched from the slingshot, but was ultimately cut.
  • His color design is similar to Perry’s color design from Phineas and Ferb.


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Game Introductions
Media Introductions
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